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Thread: Shaolin Shadowboxing DOJO pt. III

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    Default Re: Shaolin Shadowboxing DOJO pt. III

    I got the one ring and my gun Sting, Shrap is Frodo
    When I'm lit, my mind is MIA like half the dojo
    blow orcs in half now, dont force the wrath down
    act like a hoe, u know you'll get slapped, clown
    do the math now, a hundred thousand times one
    Ghostfaced for Winter Warz, a hundred rounds in my gun
    Calico cat bitch, ya know ya ass should know that shit
    Shrap-a-nel phat jus like the ass on those black chicks
    wont ask ya ass to hold that bitch - BLAOW BLAOW
    nah I'm blast the fo' hat trick - BLAOW BLAOW BLAOW
    how now brown cow, wanna get a lil wild wild?
    yous jus a child child, more lil than Lil Bow Wow
    yippie yay, plus the kay yay motherfucker
    Bruce Willis bitch, mixed with Tony Yay motherfucker
    you phony gay motherfuckers don't wanna feel this
    stop the hate though, befo yo potato get peeled bitch

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    Default Re: Shaolin Shadowboxing DOJO pt. III

    Inferior rate's?, fuck that, my mind state's at a remarkable speed,
    doper then the smoke from my weed, proceed to flee the scene.
    when I swing slice's that are aimed to chop off you're block,
    another victim just left dead, outlined in the chalk.
    You bitch's gettin cocky, throw the duke's up, and get hand clapped,
    these bitch's get dropped, locked and ziped up like suran wrap.
    But im'a have to end it quick, cause time's gettin taken from me,
    even if you's owned a pig farm, you still wouldn't get bacon from me.

    Protons Electrons Always Cause Explosions

    This is the real Idaho

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    Default Re: Shaolin Shadowboxing DOJO pt. III

    The Shuriken was sharp p you blade wa samzing the speed defined by the talent that made it. The ninja on the rise Bitch nigga's realize@!!!

    I'm gonna steal Yung Bergs Transformer chains if he steps one foot in Tallahassee!

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    Default Re: Shaolin Shadowboxing DOJO pt. III

    i roll in wit a knife ready to do damage to the man who branded my sandwitch//
    sharp spliting shifted spits hitt wit accuret perssion how the fuck can u manege//
    the skill that lights up to a flame when its relesed from my mouth//
    acid spits in words when i came putting holes in the game from when i was in and when i was out//
    shout when u shoot scouts scalp their scalps wit a scalpel intill thier hairlees like my couch//
    dull blades cut throug u all day in a way u can still be alive to pray intill i gut u like trout//
    walk in wit the tips to slice and leave u wit dry mouth for days like a drout//

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    Default Re: Shaolin Shadowboxing DOJO pt. III

    my reply to woozer

    woozer's owned to the bone,..he needs to stop smokin stones../
    mutherfucker moans like a bitch and still doesnt understand that i could care less bout what he thinks cuz he's from the corpse,...so go back home.../
    your a nerd man,...i told u that before.../
    skale's post was prolly wak,...but you started this one man war.../
    silly faggot,...your on "ignore".../
    i wouldnt even call 911 if your dumbass was burnin alive on the top floor of your favorite gay porn store.../
    fuckin idiot.....do u remember when u called me a honkey or the your first post in my cussing thread.../
    it read "fuck you",...dont try it bitch,...your better off buttfuckin your cousins an the rest of your crew u stupid inbred.../
    "inbred jed",...call u that from now on.../
    sorry the only pussy u could ever find belonged to your momz.../
    "sonnin myself"...man your dumber than hell.../
    ill have your transvestite crossdressing ass pitch into a bottomless well...../
    8 minutes,....you aint shit so quit submittin.../
    punch out your grill,...your rotten teeth will end up missing.../
    now listen...u dont want to fuck with sicka on a "dissing" mission...../
    make your desiscion bitch cuz deaths dick is all you gonna be kissin...../
    did i say 8 minutes,...i meant to say 10 or some shit .../
    Back to IGNORE with u bitch... go eat a dick,...u wont be missed


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    Default Re: Shaolin Shadowboxing DOJO pt. III

    animal rap i revert to basic instincts
    locked in rage i slay the lyrical misfits
    left disfigured scarred and crippled
    but still thinkin your hard like porn stars nipples
    at night i stalk and build a crop circle
    and leave a mark in the form of a colossal turtle
    symbolism of flows my form can float in
    absorbed you drowned in the blood of romans

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    Default Re: Shaolin Shadowboxing DOJO pt. III

    The breakdown, digest the sounds
    Breaking bitches to the compounds
    Jacking this to the confounds
    Grim reaping, sending you to the hell I found
    Nothing but catalysm, you just a noun
    Person, place, or thing
    You a no name with no spits
    Matter of fact just a nugget that dropped in my toilet
    Popping off nothing but pellets
    So how you supposed to rep it
    Career's over like Ryan Leaf
    No beef?
    Big dissapointment
    Now you make the appointments
    The checkup
    Busting cats on the table like No Limit Hold Um'
    Rapping gully, now you a chump
    Needing to dump
    I drop the hot shit, and plus
    Scratch my records
    And for the record
    Yea I'm wrecking

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    Default Re: Shaolin Shadowboxing DOJO pt. III

    Sword driven debatchry given out randomly
    Nixon revivial armed Clinton max marvel/
    Releasing heat distancing ourselves from the beef
    Watch eím get eaten by these zombies feasting/
    Backyard barbque rap recuse me like Denis Leary
    I bury most mic jousters underneath my feet/
    Reading the signs, right left lane given u more pain
    My raps drain ya body of blood leaving u empty/
    Trying to comeback like Jack Dempsy
    Donít mention me check ya books know ya hooks/
    Jabbing rifling bagging documents u need to have it
    Section striker armed masonry passing rifles in the kitchen/
    Depicting civil warfare gangs armed drive bys a nessesary
    Comparing me next itíll be racism that sparks the next world war/
    Pick a side quickly before u get bombed like saddam
    Ruler left to next went clam before bush commanded law/

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    Default Re: Shaolin Shadowboxing DOJO pt. III

    Switch onto six click off the knicks
    They losing shit now we got brown better gold now/
    Force ya hand close plants armedgeddon past to present
    Leaving local residents dusted like angels get flustered/
    Grab the gat oil the snubs get emcees catch eím wit a 22
    Sticking blue for his suede shoes gamma rays didnít hit doc doom/
    Blew this baffoon know the rules or get school scholaring hollaring off the chain break the links we ainít slaves of this industry getting paid/
    Iím independent lyrically wealthy put cha top up leave eím dumpped cuz their gimmicks stunk worst pussy that ainít been cleaned in a month/

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    Default Re: Shaolin Shadowboxing DOJO pt. III

    Aptly titled modern marvel
    spit fire melting ya carvel/
    lyrically you horse shit poop meant to get picked up quick
    these emcees rapping about, pussy, cars and gats/
    should be wrapped up in plastic looking for his brain
    with a straight jacket/
    i pack it like Digital got the underground scrounging
    for sex packets/
    with fifty faces lookin on nerves start trembling as i
    kicked wit the creshendo ending his regin at the top like nintendo/

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    Default Re: Shaolin Shadowboxing DOJO pt. III

    sheepish droppin jewels usin' abstract schematics
    verbal static is the name, dont blame us for keepin it strange
    lame ducks sittin' on a throne of muddy mentalities
    dickride the site theme instead of fiending for rhymes
    eating at time, i treat rap like a buffet line
    pushin' and shovin' for the point in time when i shine
    pass me the sneakers for i have dudes to step on
    rollin' by me is TechWon, spray em all off the atmosphere
    hear my fear inducing tracks produced by OZ
    land of the emeralds so bright they blind ur balls
    enuff of this structure, might as well take it down
    DOJO being scarcely repped' by dudes that aint even in it

    a.k.a. The Difference saying check out my 1st video

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    Default Re: Shaolin Shadowboxing DOJO pt. III

    the ruthless emceein super-human
    cat of nine tails i lash them all in unison
    evolution couldnt adapt to me
    my writing hand surpasses mach speed
    motherfucker your banished from the planet
    for spitting weak shit like an overdose of laxatives
    falcon writes inside the ganga mist
    in a shrine within seven rings of candle sticks

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    Default Re: Shaolin Shadowboxing DOJO pt. III

    wicks are blown time ticks its on invincible sword revealed crimson is poured on evil gords blown off its axis haggerd hatchets smashed ya ass backwards diagonal pivoting movements contact ya severed savages splattered audience gathers clapping foes get flattend whats happening serving ya'll bisquicks battering scenery disturbing those watching eyes start burning I'm churning like the ocean get ready to be awoken soaked in a constant slumber your following the thunder passive postures liquid liver summers

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    Default Re: Shaolin Shadowboxing DOJO pt. III

    lampin back wit a glass of henessy
    just campin, flowing on a beat
    acidy, the way i come through with a free
    blasphomous, put a mc on hold
    wit a flow thats sicka then your own
    a rude boy, my missiles destroy
    invasion, something like troy
    driving, in a 2005 royse
    do or die, your choice
    2 exits, the white or the dark
    change the wheels, start to bite the tree barks
    rap galore, watch the gore
    insane flames being thrown
    brains being blown
    too much to hear
    too much to fear
    too much to seer
    one chance of a million like the lottery
    seeing stars now like astronomy

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    Wu-Tang Soul Menace
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    Default Re: Shaolin Shadowboxing DOJO pt. III

    shaolin Dojo somethin like the anthem
    u missed the shadowboxin somethin like a phanthom
    Wu-style verbals go from speed to sticky slow
    shadowbox with two right hands so is powerful hoe
    i got the glow of a jedi master basterads i detach
    flows i send like chinese stars so to you body i dispatch
    so many Kung Fu styles and stances
    know all the possition and all the wu dances
    break u wit the Iron Fist fuk it gimme the Iron Flag
    My Shaolin Krane is strong yo flow is weak it saggs
    i had the many misteries hiden in the book of Wu
    the ones that parilize or the ones that cut str8 thru
    stick like glue simple to read but complex when really understood
    who knew the real shaolin warrior can come out of the hood
    with all due....respect u style is lackin cause u are forcing
    So clear yo mind and come into the DOJO of SHAOLIN SHADOWBOXING!

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