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Thread: Masta Killa Str8 up

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    Masta Killa is improving and turing out to be a better MC than everyone thought he could be. You gotta remember that the songs on No Said Date were recorded over the last 6-7 years with old lyrics. Not to that anything away from Masta Killa, because he proved he got better as a lyriclist on The W and Iron Flag.

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    word up lesbian nun.. masta is the only one holdin it down and his next album will be fuckin sick.. cant wait..

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    beatwise, No Said Date is what we all want to hear and it was a beautiful thing to finally get what we were waiting for... Masta Killa is the most consistent of all the clan and he is the only one in the clan that wont ever let us down, lets hope. Meth's last effort was pitiful in my opinion he has fallen off, GHOST did his thing, but most of the tracks I was feeling ended up not making the final cut.. FUCK DEF JAM! and Gza needs grimy beats not digital style uptempo shit so he can truly shine, all the rest of the clan have lost there appeal.... INS released a weak album and UGOD and Cappa followed with garbage releases of their own.. The Wu needs to return to the 36 and forget about today's sound that leaves them sounding like all the other shits out there. IM GLAD TO SEE that Ghost is teaming up with Doom that sounds as appealing as another MK release... Masta has my respect.

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    ur right bout masta killa but u cant forget ghostface. he keeps it raw and his lyrics put others o shame

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    Quote Originally Posted by wadedigital36
    i think i listened to this album everyday, all day for 4 months straight when i first got it. which is why i dont listen to it that much anymore cuz i burned that album to a crisp.

    classic joint.
    Same here. Peace to the Masta, keep up the great work. Realest dude in the clan.

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    Masta killa has been my favourite Wu member since i first litened to Wu. You hear the progress he made from the beginning to now its really impressive. Lyrically amoung the top mc's if not the best. just a shame his not recognizes much by the commmercial world so more ppl can feel his music.

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    The thing you have to take into consideration is the amount of verses that the rest of the clan put out. Compared to everybody else Masta Killa prob has the least amount of verses put on wax.

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    A couple of you said it before but Ghost is still kickin it. I think GZA is as sharp as ever, but it doesn't sound the same with the beats...but yeah MK is killin it.

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    masta killa has always been sick on the mic even back on 36 chambers. its just that he got with the right people to help him make his debut album. hopefully the respect this album is getting will make the other members follow suit
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    the only member that has stayed true to the roots of the 36 chambers.

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    The brother Jamel Irief is indeed a great writer. People once said his style is monotone. But IMO he mastered that style cuz not everybody would sound that nice with that style. Meth is the one with tons of charisma yet a master of flows. He was once hailed as a "Rap chameleon" by a writer. RZA is off-beat yet on point with the lyrics. GZA is the deepest writer on the clan. A picture perfect MC. Deck got that flow and medaphors. Him and Meth would make a good pair. Raekwon & Ghost come with that street shit (slang, jewels,etc) the Jordan & Pippen of the Wu. U-God on his best day would shit on alot of the "MC's" out there and again, Masta Killa is that quiet & laid back yet deadly verbal spitter.
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    Quote Originally Posted by manhattanknight77
    the only member that has stayed true to the roots of the 36 chambers.
    exactly...i shoulda said that first...

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