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Thread: ::BoAr's BArs::

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    Default ::BoAr's BArs::

    Ravenously executing trifling mc’s with iniquity techniques…
    Reeks of innocent cries smother silence as ya mettle leaks…
    Shiolen pigeon toe, prow up to victims, release fatalities…
    Dismayed bars transport ya soul from virtual reality…
    Boar charges, thrust with speed that breaks silence…
    Examine ya body with timed rigorous violence…
    I cause climates to change, ElNino winds destruction…
    Earthquake devastation aligned to volcanic eruptions.

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    yeah thats a nice lil drop

    needs to be longer , vocab was there , i liked the way it just sreadily drifted from rhyme 2 rhyme , peace

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    really nice vocab...make it longer though
    keep it up
    Battle-scarred shogun, explosion when my pen hits
    tremendous, ultra-violet shine blind forensics
    -Inspectah Deck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sirkulayshun
    really nice vocab...make it longer though
    keep it up

    Tables Turn..Which Made it Worse, Engaged N' Searched..
    for a Way ta' Learn, how ta Take tha' Curse of the Weight of Earth
    Incase it Curved, and Strained my Nervous System..
    Rage it Burst, n' Explained in Words how ta Further Wisdom

    Take ya life plus ya afterlife -Bloodshed

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    Dope drop teach me

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    Default Don't fuck wit this nigga..

    My Name Cross..I'm The Closest Thing To Evil There Is
    Owe Money Then I'll Chop Off The Feet Of Ya Kids
    Think You Tough Then I'll Send Goons To Peep Where You Live
    Tie You To A Cement Brick And Have You Sleep With A Fish
    All Day I'm Ready For War..I Sleep With A Fifth
    My Dogs Hungry Then I'll Feed'em Ya Ribs
    My Dogs Restless..Then I'll Have Ya Ass Get Beat With A Brick
    I Know Shits Fucked Up..Cuz You All Fucked Up
    And You Can Tell Ya Boys They'll Get It
    Got A Gun Pointed Right To They Dome That'll Knock Off They Fitted
    Or A Knife To They Throat For A Nice Incision
    And I Won't Stop Stabbin Till Ya Life Is Finished
    And I Don't Give A Fuck If There's A Lady's In The Room
    Cut The Bitch In The Stomach..Kill The Baby In Her Womb
    In A Grave Or A Tomb..Lay In'em Soon
    Cuz I Don't Give A Fuck..Angels Playin A Tune
    Fuck With Me..That's The Biggest Mistake
    Throw Ya Ass Off The Roof With A Rope And Watch The Ground Break
    Or I'll Come To Ya House With A Big Ass Eight
    Couple Shots To Ya Dome Bullets Sit In Ya Face
    Cuz Yeah I Got A Gun And A Ice Pick
    Poke Niggas Up On The Night Shift..Beat Niggas Up With A Nightstick
    Like NYPD
    Nigga I've Been Fly..I Could Ride GT's
    Who Could Ride Like Me (Who)
    Who Do You Know Pack A Nine Like Me (Who)
    Shoot It In Ya Face And Hit It Right Between Ya Fuckin Eyes Like Me
    Y'all Niggas Aint Ready For War
    Cuz If You Was..Man I Would Have Been Dead When I Stepped Through The Door
    Have My Brains On The Ceiling Have My Blood On The Floor
    Got Guns Why You Commin With Machettes And Swords
    One Shot To Ya Knot You Spaghetti And Sauce
    Can't Tell You What The Future Is Like
    But I Can Tell You It's Grim..Talk Shit Find A Shell In Ya Limbs
    Blow A Shot To Ya Stomach That'll Knock Out Ya Wind
    And I'm A Show Up In The Room Where You Hospitaled In
    Lock The Nurse In The Closest..Surgeons Get Knocked Down
    Doctors Get Shot Down..The Whole Crew Dropped Down
    Then I'm Pullin Ya Plug..Cuz You A Bullshit Thug
    Fuck It..Nigga I Don't Wanna Murk You
    I Just Wanna Hurt You
    I Just Wanna Sit With A Bunch Of Rugged Niggas At A Table Smokin Purple
    All In A Circle..The Cypers Ready
    But When I'm Highed Up I Get Nice And Heavy
    Put The Knife To Ya Gut Then I'll Slice Ya Belly
    Fuck Ya Block..I've Been There Twice Already
    Ha..Motherfuckas I'm So Real
    Y'all Niggas Know That With The Fuckin Aim I'm So Ill
    Determined To Kill
    So If I Got Beef Then You Can't Stop The Kid With A Birth Control Pill
    Can't Stop The Kid With A Fuckin Abortion
    See The Kid With A Gun You Betta Come With Some Caution

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    that was sick, keep cookin that crack homie..

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    Thx fo feed....

    reply you assholes

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    Default Battle from site...

    ..Graspin-tuh-flex.. Yuh name could be 'Nas' still not 'last-of-tha-best'..
    ..Macs-to-yuh-vest.. Yuh like 'Fort Minor solo'.. Yuh nun when 'lackin-tha-rest'..
    ..Not known tuh grip-an-squeez-talons.. 'No homo' how Im 'quick-tuh-beam-faggots'..
    ..Trip-known tuh grip-chrome.. Clip leave yuh 'smokin' like 'Nic-O-Tine-Patches'..
    ..Im like 'drunken parties'.. Cuz Imma leave yuh 'plastered-tha-most'..
    ..Thoughts of beatin me decease.. Cuz I dont lose tuh 'Casper-tha-Ghost'..
    ..Clips-do-tha-most when I rip-through-yuh-clothes.. Leave clips-to-yuh-nose..
    ..Ill 'Tri-Ple'-yuh-dose.. Cuz Im 'doublin three' when I get 'six-to-yuh-Ghost'..
    (I KOed him.. Imma KO him again... 3 + 3= 6)

    Tha punches an metas an ish should be easy... An dewds name Ghost...


    ..Yuh raps-wack.. I 'cover noses' cuz yuh 'Werdza-reek'..
    ..Tha flack-lacks when Trip 'claps-back' like 'Murda-Inc'..
    ..I laid-you-rook.. An an tha hoodza Creep-Jus spiteful..
    ..Cuz I 'made-you-look' just like tha 'Streets Disciple'..
    ..Yuh text is 'primative'.. Throw a 'spear-at-cha-gun'..
    ..Cuz Imma 'Slaughter yuh Alphabet' like tha 'Lyr-i-cal-one'..

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    nice verse kid, keep it grimy!

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    Default Dreams Of A Future

    2220 A.d., Invasions of Over populated cities, Interracial Fights
    Red Armageddon Skies Filled With Black Armored Dragon Knights
    The president’s offensive dialogue ignited world wide civil clashes
    Satan’s dream established and the skies were full of heavens ashes
    Silver Tinted Bullets Skimmed the Lands Of any bustling object
    Democratic Representatives had a plant but the opposing nations topped it
    Avian influenza viruses were carried on wings to the most pure lands
    Deserted Streets were covered in bloody medicine cans
    Unsanitary refugees spread sickness like Europeans
    I swear I saw Satan’s form of a deformed fiend
    Then I awoken sweating, with my fist clutched, all serene
    I then noticed it was all just a dream

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    45 people online and no replies...

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    cant flow
    a.k.a. The Difference saying check out my 1st video

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    muh boy tuco hit da nizail on da hizead...

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