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    descent lyrics but you can't spit that over a beat
    The dealer of hope is selling me lies
    Reasons to live are reasons to die, in disguise
    This life was never mine, the rivers never ran
    Cross your arms, its too late for helping hands
    Spit your pity elsewhere, there's no sympathy needed
    For one who's never alive, for one who's never completed (Bigot Hitman)

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    Quote Originally Posted by TUCO
    cant flow

    YOu sayin u can? Nigga I looked at your verses and I don't see why anyone gives a shit about you. But aiy if you think I cant flow...what u want audio or text battle?

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    Tuco u better handle yo BIZNIZZ fo CAROL CITY BOOYY

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    that was pretty tight. im not big into the gangsta stuff, but if i was then i woulda loved it heh. it was nice, most of the time the flow was nice and smooth. the rhymes all around was pretty simple. some nice vocab, but the rhyme scheme was kinda basic. multies would really make you spit some fire, and other then that just keep rhymin, that was tight. peep my verse, good example of multies if your wonderin about them.
    through songs i write, my wrongs i right
    if you wanna fight the power, get the power to fight

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    yeah i enjoyed reading that drop

    flow could use some elevation , but that was some nice raw knowledge you dropped


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    Default 50

    Yup.. so i sign into youtube and this dude sends me a message...Says some shit like this "In all seriousness homie.. I'd love for you to write a 100 bars and put that shit on and let me know when you do.. I'll kill your "ish".. I got my demo in the works homie.. Let me get a hold of a video camera and figure out how to do this YouTube shit and I'll post my 100 bars for that ass and see you try top my lyrical content.. The name is sofis2cated and you'll see what I can do with a pen and a pad.. but good lookin on speakin back.. some people don't got the balls to rep their own shit! Check back in a week homie til then I'm out like the bullet from a gun... 1"

    Well.. fuck.. here's fifty bitch.... i'on even think i need another half to it.

    I walk into a store and i'm casin the joint//
    Turn Papermates into felt tips like i'm replacin the point//

    Lyrical holocaust, cuz my rhymes are venemous to every nemesis//
    Collecting the lost like i was on some shit 'bout Genesis//

    I knew that i was born with infinite, gift and potential//
    Blessed and scorn from tenaments, that i lived in were essential/

    The differentials, are hard to catch like sublte scents//
    Boost my mental with Omega-3 and other perscription supplements//

    Bred for defense, against these anarchist middle men//
    Build the suspense to keep you on track like riddylin//

    These simpletons, get squashed with the powers of god//
    I'm not a cannibal, but i'll turn hannibal and devour squads//

    The hours tick by, but i've only been in it for a minute//
    Back with the ability to defy, Presidents and senates//

    Like a system of checks-and-balances, i'm keepin it level//
    It seems like your set of malice men are the phoniest rebels//

    I've seen in weeks, Like a draconian messenger i allow the demon to speak//
    From within the vitality and heat, that burns through my veins when i scream on beats//

    But this is accapella, so any instrumental is in my mind//
    Spoke to the lord and was given a coincidental need-to-shine//10

    Dedication, My pen is apart of me, so if taken away i'll bleed-for-rhymes//
    Motivation, I gotta win it's the part of me that stays ta' read-the-lines//

    But my spirit is forocious, so it's like try'na feed the lions//
    Fuck wit my lyrics and i'll invoke-this massive disaster like i was the seed-of-giants//

    Maintain focus, cuz when it's time to flow i'm gold and i provoke anquishes//
    I just hope-this stays steady, empowered with the capacity to choke tricks in multiple languages//

    I'll have you hasta nada, para soy el diablo en musica//
    Forget about gucci and prada, i'm probably the one man losin'-ya//

    Stay on ya grind, but i'm "in bed with lucifer' like homosexual relations//
    Trans-universal scripts designed to be abusin'-ya and project painful sensations//

    utilize both sets of vocal chords, so flows have to be harmonic//
    reunite the earth with its devilish counter part and call myself demonic//

    Puff a blunt of the chronic, waitin for the boom like super sonics//
    All i want is this tonic, so pass me the bottle and watch symphonics//

    Come into existance, that're so great they have to have been formed from the heavens//
    Like a convicted felon i know my sentence, thats why i'm lucky like three sevens//

    and i've been waiting for a while, i'm sick of this fuckin' junction//
    Like road rage in a traffic jam my lyrics are punchin radio functions//

    Lookin for exodus, but it's damn near impossible considering the elements//
    That sweep the stage with elegence, i'm not callin' ya stupid but i'm questioning your intelligence//20

    The relevance of these events in recent times have formed prophets//
    But it's the cowardly sons of bitches that turn tragedies into profits//

    Like finding a winning lottery ticket, you know that i've got it//
    Then seeing the date on it and realizing it's to late, Even alanis said it's ironic//

    And i present this same presidence to all these petulant jacks//
    The intent was to confirm evidence with inteligent delivery and facts//

    Ready for death, like a suicidal mad man with a rope and a messany//
    Runnin outta breath, cuz all you failin' faggots are continuously testin'-me//

    And it's gettin kinda hard to run through gimmicks because regardless of mentality//
    I'm still an earth bound man with limits, and that's the ground-truth, a final reality//

    And honestly i found my escape in rhyme schemes, words and other forms of wisdom//
    Stuck in a place where hate and time-seem to blur within a particular rhythm//

    I must be getting close to godliness because i can feel angel wings ready to spring from my back//
    On the verge of becoming a saint because lately all my anger seems to turn into rap//

    Instead of physical attacks, which once were the usual reaction//
    My brains chemicals attach to my lips in an attempt to deny my attraction//

    Of inflicting pain, don't get me wrong, i'm no sexual deviant//
    But this stress presses my chest and causing hurt used to be the only way i had of relieving it//

    I'm psychopathic, the path i've psyched myself into taking once had a purpose//
    Life is tragic, i'm surprised that i can even go outside without getting nervous//30

    But i've learned that to be alive on the surface of earth is actually worth it//
    like a computer getting struck by lightning, my rhymes burn system circuits//

    My hand clutches the microphone as it melts and boils in my grip//
    Not cuz i spit flames, it's cuz my fever is so high bullets would fly outta the clip//

    As soon as i touched that shit, my boys yell at me tellin' me to bust back quick//
    But i'm not so sure i can trust that trick, so i'm takin my nuts back bitch//

    Because getting AIDs is not on the top of the cut, in order of urgency//
    So i'll put the rubber on and rock that slut, in a quick fashion like it was an emergency//

    Urgin-me, personally hurtin-mcs. matter fact closin the curtain on these//
    Mergin'-me, in worse-degrees with the truth i'mma certaintly-be//

    The most-wicked, twisted when gifted with recstricted and vicious tactics//
    I roast-tickets with lifted and enlisted inflicted malicious magics//

    Facination combines conecentration, with refined contemplation//
    Realizations in the face honest-hatin', Lookin' hard but still got-them-skatin//

    My occupation is to rock-when-blazin, and redefine eacn moment-in-time//
    Shock-the-nation with blocks-of-pateince, my mind slipped but i won't-let-my-rhymes//

    i know you laughin' now, just burstin-at-the-seems//
    But a rich bitch's nightmare, i purse-snatch-in-her-dreams//

    Wakes up screamin, and denounced the silence//
    Turn into a demon, and announced the violence//40

    And pounced like tyrants, with each scream getting more defiant//
    So i took the beretta out, one shot then it's all goes quiet//

    I'm betta, matta fact, i'll settle vendettas//
    The lettas clearly tellin' me that cheddas//

    On-its-way, it's impossible to stop, cuz my phonics-blaze//
    Every time i'm on-a-stage, i make sure the honor-stays//

    Fuck creepin', i night-stalk, with nice-talk//
    leave you sleepin' in white-chalk, sneak away quieter than mice-walk//

    Ya style is weak and old, but some how you still got rocks-out//
    But yo that shift is over, your heard mines and then ya rhymes clocked-out//

    Get you knocked-out, cuz it's clear i got 32's and glocks-out//
    And if you don't talk now, I'll get ya dirty-crew shot-BLAOW!//

    The games over, please instert a quarter, or two dimes and a nickle//
    Got this prick in a pickle, gett'em hurt cuz i order missles and you think that shit gon' tickle?//

    I'on really care hommie, i'm generous, in each sense of the word//
    And ya'll phonies can blow me, only thing you got of interest is them lips on ya bird//

    And them hips that go swerve, While i'm "Losin' my mind" ya'll losin-ya-nerve//
    I'll throw elbows on the ground light'em stomp the fire out, just so i can say i'm abusin-you-herbs//

    you dropped ya nouns, i heard the predicates and it's evident you don't know your etticute//
    Send me your lines, i'll re-word and mix lettes-with some intelligent veteran shit, and make it better-bitch//

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    Default Q.u.o.t.e

    A soul is worth more than a life, and that's my only parti-pris//
    It expends nothing to write, but living on earth is hardly-free//

    We all have a basic need for survival, i've got a desire to type on a rhythm//
    Robert said it best when he said "A poem begins in delight and it ends in wisdom."// - Robert Frost

    So i'll leave you with this quote, and i hope that it helps//
    When you're creating scriptures remember it's the words over wealth//

    The message over money, and it's something that you all can afford//
    I'll let my man Henry finish it by saying "Writing is it's own reward"// - Henry Miller

    Just recall that "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free"// - The Bible
    But if you can't trust in the bible, then you'll never be able to believe me//

    Buddha said "All that we are is a result of what we have thought"// - Buddha
    and "Writing is thinking on paper", so forget what you were taught// - William Zinsser

    It's okay to be who you are, so forget haters go 'head shine in every line//
    Cuz "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds"// - Albert Einstein

    Theres a moral to all this madness, yes there's something to be learned//
    you can quote me when i say "Music is not created but something that's earned"// - Me *I made this quote up*


    Claim you got wisdom, go ahead and show me//
    But if you don't got it, go 'head quote me//
    Cuz As long as it's the truth,you can keep it the hardest//
    and "Creativity is the difference between men and artists"// - Me *Made this one up too*
    I could tell you everything that you won't-be//
    but i'm creative so i know that you'll quote-me//
    I know it's mean, you'll probably wanna choke-me//
    But i'm intelletually divine so go ahead quote-me//

    Depending on what people think about this.. i may make into something more.. a full song perhaps... but yeah.. leave feed and tell me what you're feelin'.

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    I need a mic and im looknig toward a shur mic

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoAr View Post
    I need a mic and im looknig toward a shur mic
    it was a nice READ broseph, glad to see new ill heads steppin up

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    its a cool peice man, ima read the whole thing later broseph


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    Quote Originally Posted by V3RNAKULA View Post
    it was a nice READ broseph, glad to see new ill heads steppin up
    No doubt? Thx for positive feed

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