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    Chapter 1 : An Introduction to the differences

    I have been incredibly successful over the course of my career playing in both tournaments and cash games but I can say with absolute certainty, THEY ARE NOT THE SAME! The biggest difference between the two is the fact that everything you do in a tournament is so definite and rigid, one wrong move and you're done, so it's not really a good time to experiment and try different things. Your goal is clear and well defined, whereas in a cash game you never have a clue what your goal is until everyone has emptied their pockets and all the money is on the table. In tournaments, you want your moves to be stronger, so as to put the fear of death in your opponents. In cash games you want to "milk" your opponent for your last dime so the moves are designed to be small and tactful.

    The bluffing aspect of the two games may be one of the biggest differences. In a tournament you must bluff to win. It's as necessary as breathing. You have a short amount of time to accomplish your goal and without stealing several pots, you will be blinded away unmercifully. In a cash game the blinds are uniform and never increase, so bluffing is not really a necessity. I have literally played for 16 hours straight and not bluffed at a single pot, and still wound up with a monster stack at the end of the night. In a tournament where the wrong move could lose you your buy-in, in a cash game the wrong move could cost you all your money and all the work you put in for several hours. You must adjust your game to make up for the differences and avoid the cash game pitfalls.
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