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Thread: Tell how you really feel about these "mainstream" artists...

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    Default Tell how you really feel about these "mainstream" artists...

    50 Cent/G-Unit
    Kanye West

    These cats seem to get the most hate on this site, so tell the way you feel about these people, and give some valid reasons for your hate or respect.

    50 Cent - Never was really a fan I would say, I thought he was a cool rapper back in 99, had some hot stuff like 'How To Rob' and "Who I Rep Wit" feat. Nas & Bravehearts, but never was a dude I saw as being special. First album had some bangers, I appreciated him destroying Ja-Rule and taking him off the scene...then started gettin annoying with beefin wit EVERYBODY and making the same popcorn music that he criticized Ja for. Has a good ear for beats, but G-Unit is wack and I'm ready for them to be gone. Game was the best in the camp

    Dipset - Cam was cool and had above average skills, first album was blah, SDE was dope, his best album. Started rapping stupid and brought in his crew to rap stupid as well. No one in Dipset should ever call themselves an mc, But they do make some entertaining music here and there with a nice amount of bangers, and Cam can still bring it if he tried...but it's not too often now.

    Jay-Z - Top 10 all-time PERIOD. Past few years his material aint been on the lyrical level of his early work, alot of club songs, but he was doin the street rhymes and hustling to blow up from early 90's thru 98 so let him have fun now.
    Reasonable Doubt, Blueprint are classics
    Vol 1, Vol 2, Black Album - Dope
    Vol 3, Dynasty, - so so
    Blueprint 2 - butt

    Kanye - an arrogant jerk, SURE. But an elite producer plain and simple. He's an aight rapper I think wit some funny lines here n there, but unless he spittin on one of his own beats...stay silent,
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    I agree w/most of what u said. Kanye has a ghostwriter but does have some dope beats. I wouldn't buy any 50/g unit or Cam/dipset LP
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    I agree with everything except on Kanye. I think he ain't so good producer, I don't like his vocal samples; he destroys songs with it. In my opinion (remeber it, don't shit on me later) he fucked up Diamonds are Forever and I Got a Woman (in Gold Digger).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slim T
    I agree with everything except on Kanye. I think he ain't so good producer, I don't like his vocal samples; he destroys songs with it. In my opinion (remeber it, don't shit on me later) he fucked up Diamonds are Forever and I Got a Woman (in Gold Digger).
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    I like JAY-Z and KANYE WEST....they are dope...

    KANYE WEST is hands down the best producer the last couple years

    .....50's ok

    and Camron's ok for 2 good songs an album......the rsst of his albums and DIPSET are shit
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    50 Cent/G-Unit : get the dopest beats,but aint really feelin' em.
    lloyd banks got some nice lines here and there.
    50 was never a great mc.

    Cam'ron/Dipset : i enjoy some of their stuff.but i absolutely hate those absurd,kindergarden rhymes.

    Jay-Z : jay is dope!!he did a lot for the game.dropped tons of bangas!!
    self made man,gotta respect his hustle!

    Kanye West : absolutely love his beats!i even like his rhymes most of the times.dont know which are ghoswritten though.makes great music,PERIOD!

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    50 Cent : Has been THE most influential rapper post 2000. People hate him cuz they can't take his success. Lets face it most rappers would swap places with him and most fans would want their fav rapper to be in his position.................hence all the hate. Me personally, I find his songs get boring after a few spins (if that). But he's not half as bad as people try to make out.

    Cam'ron/Dipset : Boring, charismaless arrogant fools

    Jay-Z : Career wise the most successful rapper ever. Again people hate him for the same reasons listed in the 50 one. Me personally, I like some of his tracks but not others. Devils is the best song he ever made and right up their with anyones catalogue.

    Kanye West : About as entertaining a rapper as Camron. Arrogant fool who just doesn't know when to shut his mouth. People say he is a good producer but I don't care as beats alone won't keep me awake while driving as his rapping certainly sends me to sleep.
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    this is a good thread !!! good shit

    50 = waste of good beats....hate his last album..the other ones are aight

    cam...tight for a song here and there but not for whole albums

    jay = legend...in my top 15

    kanye = best cat in the mainstream..best producer right now..first album was classic

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    50 Cent/G-Unit ------> I hate them
    Cam'ron/Dipset ------> No prob
    Jay-Z ------> Big Pimpin is one of my favorite tracks ever.He is ok.
    Kanye West ------> I broke the late registration cd but I believe that he is a talnented producer.

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    I think 50 makes catchy music, i like his style. especially songs like "This is 50". I think he is better than people give him credit for, his flow is great, his melodic style is catchy and his verses are almost always entertaining. He has put out a lot of great songs. im not a huge fan, but i think he has tunes for everybody.

    Cam'ron- i cant stand him. he is so overrated, i dont know why he thinks he is so good. he is annoying. But, he has a nice and fairly unique flow which can work well at times. I think his lyrics are below average.

    Kanye- he is good but i felt that his last album was a bit overproduced and didnt feel as 'hip hop' as his first one. His lyrics are way below average most of the time, his flow is ok tho

    Jay- constantly reivnenting himself, and an outstanding catalogue of work.
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    50 Cent/G-Unit - 50 isn't that bad. I like his hooks sometimes and he gets great beats and can sometimes drop a good verse.
    Cam'ron/Dipset - Hate this shit. Just not my thing to hear about of idiots yelling and rhyming with stupid ass rhyme schemes.
    Jay-Z - I've always liked Jay, ever since I got Reasonable Doubt. Used to be my favorite MC, now he's just someone who I can listen to every once in a while.
    Kanye West - Fuck Kanye. Makes catchy music but he is such an asshole.

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    50 Cent/G-Unit: A laughing matter. I'm sorry, but I can't take these guys seriously. 50 is a joke, so is the rest of G-Unit. (not counting Mobb Deep and MOP, although these groups, especially Mobb Deep, have dropped massively quality-wise. I don't consider myself a fan of the current Mobb Deep.)

    Cam'ron/Dipset: Haven't heard enough to really judge them, but I guess it won't be my cup of tea, as I usually hate commercial, jiggy hiphop.

    Jay-Z: Very overrated. I think this man gets way too much credit. I also think he's annoying as fuck, his voice just doesn't do it for me. His first album had some bangers, though.

    Kanye West: First of all, lets try to ignore the fact that he's an arrogant SOB. Some of his beats are good, but he has practically raped the concept of using sped up voice samples. I seriously think I'll kill someone the next time I hear a beat being destroyed by a bunch of chipmunks singing in the background. That, combined with Kanye's gay-ass voice and flow can make any sane hiphopper go postal. A message to Kanye: "Dear Kanye West, please comparing yourself to Jesus. Most people don't like arrogant motherfuckers who kiss their own ass all the time. Also, if you would be so kind, stop rapping. Period. I respect you for some of your productions, but you just aren't talented enough to let your voice be heard through a microphone. Thank You. Sincerely, a man who doesn't want hiphop to be ruined by fake-ass copycats and mediocre mc's. Have a nice day."

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