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Thread: Whats with dudes ripping off 50 Cent's flow now

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    Default Whats with dudes ripping off 50 Cent's flow now

    yo whats with dudes ripping off 50 Cents flow now......

    that new MOBB DEEP album has PRODIGY copying 50's flow on a bunch of songs.....cough** lame.......I used to consider P one of the dopest in rappers in the game.....dude sucks now

    plus I just saw the new kinda lame BUStA RHYMES crossover joint " I love my Bitch" and he is bitting 50's flow too, with WILL I AM from the black Eyed peas......lame

    but hey I guess that is hip hop today, copy whatever is popular at the given time (ie 50 cent, black eyed peas), and get you money.....nomatter how lame the shit is
    "Rap has gradually degenerated from an art form into a ring tone"

    "We got the tape Nigga"- Raekwon live in Toronto

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    I don't know about copying 50's flow. P is just so sedated from all the crack smoke. Anyway, to copy 50's flow seems to be one the dumbest things to ever do. Fif doesn't have a real flow, and even if he has, it sucks big time. It doesn't help that his shattered jaw makes him sound even more retardet... I agree with you that the only reason to copy 50 would be to gain profits, cause that man surely has no skills....

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