fuck everyone yo
fuck wutangcorp
fuck posting on forums and shit and all of these basterds who are all gangster hip hop these days listening to wutang and shit i'd rather play audioslave all night and go chill with some cops man fuck all of this shit and shit. I'm done here because everyone already hates me so i'll just go kill myself or something and u guys are gai everyone is gay. ya'll think you know me cuz i post on here but you don't really know how i feel inside . somethings aren't going well at these times in my life but i blow it off by posting my ass on here once in a while or my scrote sack. but then ya'll don't really care if i die 'er not so why even talk to anyone huh? and it just shows how we all bow down to these mods and admins and whatever the fuck these people are who do what? delete our posts and say yes we can say this or no we cant and they can choose our signature sizes and shit. I'd rather go suck my own dick but since i've done it already i have to move on. and i'm tired of you all just rubbing on to me . I won't ever meet most of you but in a way this shit gets to connected. I'm gonna have to detach and fucking kill all of you. with my automated fucking hands I will stick my electropenis through my PC into all of yours in one striking shot and blind all of you with the lazer-ray cock blast. This will show how serious I am so I am glad you all allowed me to be on this fer the time I had and stuff but its OVER. I want to leave this all behind like when my mom used to beat me. I need to start a new slate. I just watched the da vinci code and it really opened up the different opportunites in life. Such as killing people in the name of God. I mean who can fuck with someone who kills in the name of God? I will fucking PWN anyone who trys to contest. It's just the way it goes. Most won't read this, most won't care, but for those who do and actually took the time to see what I had to say. It just goes to show you are another parasite sucked into this fucking controversy of internet that is really the CIA controlling our minds with mind control laser mechanisims within our webcams, microphones, heat lamps, etc. We can listen to our hip-hop and wear our b-boy pants and shoes but will we ever realize what life is really about? NO! it's about fucking butterflies and childrens' circumsitions. I know this fer a fact because I onced studied life in my previous life as a dog and I figured out "God"s whole plan to take over our well being by writing a book saying he placed us here. We will never escape this. I suggest you all post your very last post on this wutangcorp AKA WUTANGFUCKINGLIES.COM today because it'll free you like I have just freed myself. I thank you all again. I will never forget any of you but most likely i will so that is your fault. I'm not gay but i know it seems like i've portrayed that. I am just homosexual in a way. I like guys but not in a gay way. Sucking dick isn't gay if its experimental. Remember that.

One Love To All Of You,

Alex S.W.

peace to da godz and da earfz