Q. No. 1: My friend just gave me a record called BAMLO by dead prez. What is this all about? i never heard of it & was wondering if there was a cover for it. He said it came out this year.

Q. No. 2: He gave me another recrod by Zion I called The Science Of Breath Mixtape vol. 1. Anywun got info on that as well? Online it said it was with sumwun else but there was hardly any info i could find.

Q. No. 3: I don't know if there was more than 1 single he had, but i remember an ill song by Cee-Lo a while back. In the video he was in the forest playing the piano or something & the colors were all abstract & i only heard it that 1 time. I just remembered about it & was wondering if any of ya'll might know what i'm talking about or what album this was on?

i can't remember the other question but THNXNADVNCE 4 any feed back ya'll got on these 3.