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Thread: Ras Kass - Illest ever from the west coast?

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    He is the best lyricist from the west coast....to be the illest? Well there are other legends that I would put ahead of him.

    I dont own any Ras Kass albums but have downloaded them since the first 2 are out of print.

    But thanks to this thread I checked the online database of my local used record store and it appears they had Rassassination used for 9.99 so I put it on hold. Too bad it wasnt Soul on Ice for 9.99.

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    funny i heard 2 versions of golden child, one was on a nice beat, the other on a whack beat, the first one was a premo beat i think, i got van gogh and read that it was suposed to be a classic but i dont know, the beats ar kind of whack, am i missing something?

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