You don't think Canada has some of the rawest talents out?
check out this thread then
consider it a appreciation thread
tarting off with one of the best all around raw MC's out now
DL Incognito - Rugged Raw
DL Incognito - Proof
DL Incognito - Verbalirity
DL Incognito - Live In My Element
DL Incognito - Spit Forever II feat Tara Chase
Luu Breeze performance with A-Game at Spring Bling Toronto last week heres some pics

A-Game My Space
Luu Breeze My Space
if you aint have it already
Luu Breeze f/ Mista Bourne - Around Again
Luu opening up for Mobb Deep on the 17th of June
June, 17 2006
Sin City Night Club/99 Peelar Road(Formally Palazzo's)Jane/Hwy.7, Toronto,Ont,
Cost: 25.00(Early Bird Special) 39.99 Reg.

for those of you that don't have
Luu Breeze - Prince of the Dot Vol. 1

1. Prove Something
2. Girls, Girls, Girls
3. Runnin'
4. Lucifer Interlude
5. Lucifer (Breezy For President)
6. Fast Life
7. What More Can I Say
8. Feeling Lucky Interlude
9. Story Goes On
10. Three Queens
11. Breezy
12. Doin Betta
13. We On That
14. Buck Em
15. Outro
16. Best of Me Freestyle (Bonus)
K'naan is on that concious tip don't sleep
M-1 of dead prez feat K'naan - Till We Get There
these cats is straight comedy
Brassmunk - Big
Brassmunk - Oh Supaman
one of the smoothest joints u will hear ever
IRS - Tracks Lament
more shit to come, vids, audios, interviews, shows....
dont sleep