I ain't gonna front, 2005 will be a fuckin' sick year if all of these are released as scheduled:

Necro "The Sexorcist"

Circle Of Tyrants (Necro, Ill Bill, Goretex & Mr. Hyde)

Secret Society (Necro & Non-Phixion)

MF Doom & Danger Mouse "DangerDoom"

Trife Da God "Raw Footage"

Raekwon The Chef "Only Built For Cuban Linx... Part II"

Ghostface "Rapper's Delight"

Ghostface & MF Doom "Untitled"

Theodore Unit "718: Part II"

I know a lot of this year has already passed, but if all of these actually drop, this year will be the fucking sickest in a long time. And for real, Doom & Ironman will run this fucking year, check both their collaborative and solo releases, shit will be sick. ONE