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Everyone is talking about 2 very different kinds of hip hop. Theres true hip hop (wu/talib/outkast/etc) and then theres fake hip hop (50, 95% of the South). And fake hip hop is that club shit that goes mainsteam and lures in fans, and these fans dont know shit about true hip hop cause all they see and hear is laffy taffy and shit. Fake hip hop is marketable and as it grows, true hip hop fades...

lmao how is it fake? and how is the other "true"? you are an idiot

then y the fuck r u on this site?

honestly, after reading most of ur posts (which makes me a dumb ass for doing so), i would probably shoot u in the head. like, im not trying to be a thug or a tuff guy cuz im not. but i feel it is needed for all the dumb things u have posted in the past and present. really, again, no offense. and when im in trial, i'll just show the jury and judge all the dumb shit u've said and they will probably let me go and thank me for ridding u of this earth.
im on this site because i like wu tang. this isnt the "bitch about lyrics forum" this is the WU TANG FORUM. im a fan so i joined.

i am the most real person on this site i tell the truth, idiots like u are in denial of ur stupidity