I've been seeing a few posts around asking, "Who thinks Hip-Hop is dying?" I have to say, a few years back, I did think this was true. Looking at it from a more realistic scale though, it's the furthest thing from the truth.

With the current slew of emcees, Immortal Technique, Aesop Rock, Hangar 18, Papoose, making true hip-hop music all day and night, Hip-Hop is actually at one of it's strongest points.
What pisses us off is, and rightfully so, is that the turely talented emcees and producers don't get enough recognition and respect.

Now, while that's distrubing, doesn't it feel good to be among the very few who actually KNOW who Killah Priest is?? Or who crack a smile when we hear that famous delivery, "2 years ago....a friend of mine..."?? To know how girfted a cat like Madlib is or to clown DJ Kay Slay because we know Rob Swift could serve him any day. Wether it be battlin' or production, seems to be a bit more thrilling in the grand scheme of things.

The Few, The Proud, The True. That's what the REAL HIP-HOP NATION is at this point. Sure, at this stage in history, we are the underdogs, but have you noticed that being the underdog is what makes our music so damn indestructable??

I still haven't hear Bronze Nazareth's album, but I trust the word of my fellow Wu-Bangas when they say this is a blast from the past. Now, although we KNOW Bronze's songs will never be played on the radio, it's still orgasmic to have someone ask, as you play it, or recite the lyrics, and as you tell them, "Bronze Nazareth. Wu-Fam". They look at you like..... Yet, when they hear it, they not only understand, but they feel like shit for sleeping on artists like that for so long. Meanwhile, you and I were down the whole time because we just love the music and refuse to convert.

It's a war y'all. For now, publicity is on the bullshit, but the bottom line is, none of the mainstream music is classic. You can't play it 8 years down the road and still have it be like, "Damn, I love that shit." WE know how that feels though, and through us, Hip-Hop will never die.

So, those of you who think it's dying, know that it isn't, it's just not getting a lot of airplay. That doesn't mean it's dying. Chances go 'round, and when peopl DO start to listen to the REAL Hip-Hop, we'll have the satisfaction of tellin' them how late they are in what they listen to.