I see the most amazing things when I close my eyes.

I've come to the understanding that just as one can hallucinate visual and audio input, one can also conjure up mental processes such as choice. In a dream state, one's avatar often makes choices. They feel real and the thought process feels really, but in retrospect, upon waking they seem ludicrous and in light of the real world, one realizes that there was no real input at all. Now, it isn't necessary to wait until one awakes to understand that one is not on control. Upon this understanding, the illusion fades and you can start to act independently, without so much influence of various subconscious forces. Perhaps "fades" is not the correct word. The illusion is illuminated as one understands its nature. Whether or not it remains is a matter of choice. The contrast between false choice and true conscious action is enough to reveal the entire nature of one's world.

Now, in the waking life, we often make suspect choices, influenced by internal and external matrices of control. We find our actions designed to maintain the status quo and/or satisfy odd, pointless desires. Do you make real choices or do you simply follow prescripted events that provide you with ethereal illusions of control? Do you even know? In one's daily life, we maintain the status quo, if not of greater society, then of one's personal life. Why? Is there even a valid reason for many of the routines we follow, or are they the schemes of a false consciousness, blocking our view of reality?