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Thread: Thievez In Da Night (Hiest)

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    Default Thievez In Da Night (Hiest)

    I've heard two version of this song, one was on 7L and Beyonder - Vinyl Thug Music and one was on Hidden Scrollz. The one of Vinyl Thug Music is good, anybody know the track I'm talking about? The whole song is grime

    I was thinking bout that fucking catastrophe
    We left at least 10 or more casualties
    Splattered around but naked
    The only means of identity was their motherfucking dental records
    Ghostface says fake words, like sprinkle noodles
    on your hembri...the fucks a hembri?


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    yo that song is fuckin crazy....

    With help from Supreme and my cousin Pumpster
    We bagged him in a body bag and dumped him in a dumpster
    Left his ass in the garbage all smothered
    Threw a grenade in the window and ran for cover
    We saw a witness on our way out the gutter
    My little cousin pump slit his throat with a box cutter
    While he was laying there gagging, I put the tool to his head
    And blew that shit up with lead

    Goddamn, a fuckin grenade? shabazz is a nut
    Hip-Hop's forefathers...that's right...forefathers.

    Free Killa Sin!

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