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Thread: Killa Beez 3

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    Doe Rae Wu was my shit offa the sting, theres a few others, but thats the one right there, the swarm on the other hand, shiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt, i can play that start to end and not get bored.

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    The Swarm was a sick album from the beginning to end, the second one was a total let down...i dont kno how a third would sound

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    The Swarm is sick straight up.....frm the legacy to the audity prodigy the cosmos commodity.....but i jz feel the sting is fucked up....killa beez 3 is seconded

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    the swarm was great...the sting sucked.
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    i liked The Swarm solely for the 'Where Was Heaven Track'. i can't listen to The Sting all the way through without hitting skip several times. that bonus disc that came with it was good though, but i thought it could have done without Fat Joe.

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    i like both beez albums, and would like to hear the third one if it will ever drop

    but anyway the swarm is a classic cd for me
    it shows unity of the fam

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    Default Re: Killa Beez 3

    I don't like The Sting that much either. It was too digi if you catch my drift..

    What would you call a 3rd album? I'm thinking something like The Swarm Continues..

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