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Thread: CL Smooth Has A New Mixtape

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    Default CL Smooth Has A New Mixtape

    I forgot what dj hosts the mixtape but it's called Man On Fire. It's pretty tight. I just got it last weekend. He has about 14 freestyles that has him rhyming over other rappers beats. His lyrics are still tight. Inside of the mixtape cd, there's a picture of a new album by him coming soon called American Me. I can't wait for that. He should've put out some solo cd's a long time ago.

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    Pete and CL is over expect him to rhyme on some other producers beat.

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    I think CL's style is unique and i think its timeless, i just hope he gets the right type of beats. Aside from pete, id like to see him work with 9th wonder, maybe even DJ Quik- real instrumentation
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