Qouted from email i just got, thought it was pretty funny -

Lyrically. Camíron is the equivalent of a watching a car accident- horrific yet awe-invoking. Youíre disgusted, maybe even a little frightened by listening to him but you cannot turn away. Peep the wordplay.

Mami all on me cause I'm touchin' her belly/
I'm on butter Pirelli's/
Wit' purple and yellow. Hello!
Thatís butter and jelly/
I flip butter on celly's/
All right in front of the deli/
Holly, Lilly, to Kelly all spent once on the telly

Dude is like the Neo of the English language matrix. He twists words to work for him:

That's my word word, I flip herb, birds/
Coke, crack, dope, smack, ohh snap heard herb/
Should talk in sign language, ya'll don't deserve words/
I get my serve swerved, may leave 'em 1st 3rd