I be choppin fake niggaz all fuckin morning
ma style's so simple,crowd cant stop yawning
simply stick a chopstick in ya fuckin neck
leave ya with a fatal black WU attack

Here comes the Black Shadow Shogun,
sendin ya ass to hell via fuckin shotgun,
slicin ya throat lika a helpless shegoat
ur ass cant paddle a complex ninjutsu boat

Im the worse of em,the fuckin black dragon
fuck all ur fake rapping crap jargon
fuckin fusin simplicity with explicity
ma rhymes be hotter fuck Sin City

Tha Shogun asks,who the fuck is 50 cent?
jus a nigga with blackness a-100%
diss his ass continously,its on a world record, fuck!
50 cents cheap,cut priced aint worth a fuckin buck

Ninjutsu,better than Kung Fu on TV
we look better than Bruce lee or jackie
We laying the pain,on fuckin Bruce wayne
so fuckin what if he's a.k.a The Batman?
Im the muthafuckin ninjutsu blackman

nid comments.haha i tink ma shit still the same.