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Thread: Slippy The Pimp vs. Charging Soldier

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    Default Slippy The Pimp vs. Charging Soldier

    House Rules, Bring your bitch ass out of retirement and face The Frog Prince you fucking pussy.

    Yo.....Fuck Homo Soldier and the horse he rode in on/
    I bet heís at an Auction for Elton Johnís shit to bid on/
    or in a gay bar performing YMCA, in a loin cloth just to hit on/
    other faggots like himself/
    Fucking with the Pimp, Bitch itís bad for your health/
    Bad for you mouth when I rinse it out with pimp juice/
    Put you on the corner in apple bottom jeans, ta let this bitch loose/
    duck, duck, goose- youíve been picked for the deep dicking/
    pull it out your pussy, or should I keep sticking?/
    Little faggot the Pimp donít discriminate when comes to fucking hoes/
    you retired from the battlefield becuz your weak at chucking flows/
    And I heard about film with T-ribe and sucking toes/
    what about the black light that expose the semen glow on your chin?/
    So whoís all in? This lyrical gang bang got you bleeding/
    Pleading for me to stop the onslaught of Jap Slaps/
    make you go all googly eyed when this cat raps/
    fat shit, I blast it, spastic, snap back elastic, Drastic, eat this pussy like Jurassic- Park/
    My Rap-tore so ill itíll tear your ass a part/
    put your nose to the grind stone, mind blown to pieces/
    you better stay in school boy, cuz you couldnít match my thesis/
    smear your face in feces and leave you wit a shit eating smile/
    now hit me with that corny ass ďitís the war chiefĒ style...........
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