House rules.......

Yo what the fuck is a God Concept- Iím a God, youíre the concept/
I molested this emcee for 6 days on the 7th - the don slept/
and your momís wept, because the doctor couldnít stop your pussy from bleeding/
the doc siad little bitches shouldnít use their snapper for feeding/
Rap dogs, cuz I crap logs and eat pieces of shit like you for breakfast/
thatís why I spit so funky and Iím so fucking wreckless/
Rest-less like a fat kid in a candy store/
Got my thumb in the ass-hole of this little randy whore/
demanding more so I slipped in my index finger/
thatís why they call me Slippy the simply pimply singer/
Yeah thatís what you little faggots get for rhyming gay/
Iíll pull out my big dick, slap you in the face and call it childís play/
itís like a pimpís holiday, all these bitches are getting turned out quick/
Iím fucking this pussy so bad I got a burned out dick/
thatís how you learned how the pimp be sticking you gays/
coming at me like a herpes when Iím sicker than aidz..............