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Thread: Solaar: Lyrical Chemist

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    Default Solaar: Lyrical Chemist

    We all know English is a universal language. when we mention best lyricists, we only use Americans (i.e. NY) mc's.

    If only most people could comprehend MC Solaar.... this guy's up there w/ the best of the best in Hip Hop

    his wordplay is out of this world. he's a great thinker and use his mind to tackle various topics in his music.

    if i had to compare him w/ an american mc, i'd have to go w/ the GZA. altho i'm a major wu fan, i'd even say he's even better than GZA.

    Any Euro heads up in here? back me up.


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    Default Re: Solaar: Lyrical Chemist

    Although Solaar's latest album "Mach 6" was a bunch of crap, I have to say that he is probably the legend out of all European solo-Emcees.
    5 of his 6 CDs are instant classics, his lyrics have even been awarded by the academy of French language !
    As Wu-Disciple already mentioned, his wordplay is extraordinary, his flow has established new standards as well in old-skool as in nu-skool rap.

    I think that he cannot be compared to any clan-members, Solaar's unique.
    US cats could know him from Guru's jazz-matazz or the remix to Missy's "All in my grill"
    Look at my nephew, he jumped at the window just to see you (The Sun - Ghostface, Rza, Raekwon and Slick Rick)


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    hum yeah he got skillz in term of word play but he very fells off , in france he is not consider as a rapper anymore but "pop", he is on a jet set move... you can compare him to Will Smith in US

    I think Gza is way better...
    according to me the best french rapper in term of word play is "Oxmo Puccino" !

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