It's way past your curfew, I came here to unearth you
Heavy old sword from Jerusalem, splatter juice from them
Red bangle, that's murder stupid men, peep my future pen
Here from the roof, the grim records, poet salute the spin
Cave where I knew you when troops were been, I shoot the lead
And let loose the hand, right close to where the foods were in
Fry ya brain, roots and grits, who'll spin, the scoops of men
Pick a soot suit and then strangle, mangle and slaughter you
Storm dream marauder who meat markets you artists
A large scholastic lesson from butcher college
Tear your gut open, out gasses, liquids and solids
The'll be astonished, how I left the whole place polished
Carry mad knowledge, for those who wrestle wit concepts
Warcloud, outsiders, wanderers and conquerors
Warriors, angry men, war mongers, barbarians
Holy men, crusaders, face huggers and space truckers
Brake fuckers backs, your spines were made of Lego
I laugh like a merchant who teeth were made of Play-Do
Champs and your brought out, I snatched the bitch by them jaw out
Hacksaw your leg, it's evening at the raw house
Warcloud, don't play monologue, pleasure ships
Slumped on a horse wit a tomahawk, and desert mints
Gallop through snowflakes, tent him and catch a rope face
Razor blade tropical snowstorm, that slopes waste
Tatter rappers to form, holy lyrics you torn
Fly like a diamond wing unicorn, beyond the norm'