This is a thread for EVERYONE on wtc. Here, you get the chance to thouroughly explain how you came up with the name (or names) you use on WTC and/or as a real-life MC. I'll go first to provide a basic example of what I mean.....

Aliases: Verseatyle, Villainous Verse, Phaze,
Short Bio:I began rhyming last february. At first, it was just for fun, then it became an obsession. Since I REALLY got into it (around last march), I've been writing AT LEAST 4-bars per day. I'd say Im damn good to be in the hip-hop game for such a short time. lol. Anyways, on to the name....
Why the name?:At first, my rap name was "Phaze". I dropped that shit when I got better and expanded my mind. I call myself a "Villain" because of the fact that in nearly EVERY story out there, there's that one character that society despises, due to his "abnormal" goals and ambitions. The Villain. I see society today as being so happily fucked-up, that they really see the REAL HERO as the VILLAIN, and vice-versa.
EXAMPLE: Dem Frachise Boyz. Bullshit-ass group of ignorant black men who make our beautiful race look stupid 24-7. They've got our already misguided youth thinkin that life is all about how much Bank you got, or what kinda car you drive, or EVERYTHING is about how you look and dress and dance. Tell me who the REAL Villain is.....An actual conscious black man who wants only the best for all people (no matter what race or religion) OR the one's who submit to destroying that?
The way that I rhyme is targeted towards people I see as Villains (or "HEROES" in society's eyes). I might say some shit like:
You got ripped like wrapped packages by kids on christmas eve//
Of course it's early, but I couldn't hide the tricks up my sleeve//
It had a will of it's own, my mental energy took hold//
and strangled a foe, split his fuckin carcass head-2-toe//

Not my best work, but it serves it's purpose. ANYWAYS, yeah. long-story-short, Im a "Villain" so deal wit it. word is bond.