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Thread: Top 5 80's Hip-Hop albums

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    I'm really glad to see teenagers such as myself post on this thread and that there are teen hip hop heads that listen to and know some 80's shit. I could probably gaurantee that about half the teens that say they listen to hip hop don't own or haven't heard a rap album that was made earlier than 95(maybe later), especially in the states. seems like everyone here just listens to what's on top now, following the masses and not giving a fuck about the true gems of the past(or even present). peace.

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    eric b and rakim-paid in full

    BDP - by any means nessecary

    Public enemy- takes a nation of millions to hold us back

    tribe called quest... man fuck it there was just too many. i miss that era.!!!

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    To Ghostfacekillah199: Yea, i barely know anyone my age who has listened to anything before Tupac's All Eyez on Me, and thats just because Tupac is the generally known around people who know nothing about hip hop as the best rapper ever, which is retarded.

    To Manhattanknight77: I'm pretty sure A Tribe Called Quest released their first album in 1990

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