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Thread: The True Meaning of "666"

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    (We have dimmed the internal numbers to emphasize the 'bracketing' system) http://www.rense.com/general20/666.htm
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    ive heard so mant explanatins but the that sticks out at the moment is the 3 60 degree angles of a pyramid

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    Food For Thought, i don't even pay you any attention because i know you're a retard.

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    There are many explanations for it cuz it's all about symbolism and symbolism could be interpreted in many ways.

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    these searches for the true meanings

    will it stop

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    no for some
    yes for some

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    the number 666 is the number of the beast or the anti christ... the anti christ cant be nero because the beast will do things that nero never did such as issue a system of buying and selling where if you dont recieve the mark of the beast on your right hand and forhead you wont be able to buy or sell (nero never did that) also the anti christ will set a up a peace treaty with israel and then will break it after 3 and a half years , he will also put a stop to sacrifices in the temple ( so it must be a future event because the temple no longer exists but will apparently exist in the future again) where the anti christ will stop the jews from offering sacrifices to GOD ....also another reson it was not nero is because the anti christ will sit in the holy temple of GOD and declare himself to be GOD and demand that everyone worship him a such.

    also the anti christ is not the devil himself but he is given the power he has by the devil - revelations 13:4 "Men worshiped the dragon because he had given authority to the beast, and they also worshiped the beast"

    so the anti christ or beast is sombody in the future who is yet to come who will be the devils man on earth and will issue in a time of great suffering on GOD`s elect... but fear not JESUS will destroy him "PRAISE BE TO GOD"

    peace be with you !

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    Sometimes I wish some mufuckas would destroy the bible in its entirety!!!! I can't believe how people still get caught up in that bullshit! It's all mythology man damn! You want the truth study the hidden history of Africa!
    I fear for the 85 that don't got a clue!

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