I'm in RED hollywood in BLUE

once and for all, ima put this bitch to a hault
cut him up alive, then i cover his body up with salt
i catapult electric volts, your body jolts in resistance
i got a hidden vault filled with weapons, like for instance
grenades that will blow past your barracades, stop the sherades
you dont wanna battle me, i got rhymes for days, you go to gay parades
wave your colored flag, you love rainbows and lebrechans
you trying to defeat me is like a white woman marrying lois faracon
it cant be done, impossible, unattainable
hang you by the neck, left you strangled by the mic cable
as you gasp for air hoping god hears your prayers
you think you playing me, but your playing yourself like solitaire
ill break you beyond repair, you got no warranty
im the king sitten in the golden chair, feel the sovereignty
vernakular step aside, i cant even see you with binoculars
vehicular homicide, your body found by 2 officers
one talks into his radio, 187, short white male found dead on the road
the other grabs chalk, traces the body from head to toe
the cause of death was determined by the coroner
choked, lost his breath, he fucked with the best out of florida

How can i stress skill, my flow enough for your rambles to get?
When I press bills, guy knows he bluffs, but his gambles are set
Can't handle a vet,so, this guy calls out rookies instead
So give it a rest, Nope, I'll just throw out my hooks and hes dead
hollywood, you failed to impress me, with a style derailed n messy
Face it, even if you were a mailman, you couldn't adress me
The herse car is callin, hollywood gloats but aint trying-for-this
Verse was appalling, garbage bars and two lines were a diss
Your fighting is shit, trying to come off with more witt instead
Gettin "shafted" in is this, is the only way you'll "get a-head"
Don't tell me how you will kill me, i'm sick of that ruse
Flow cant compete, your shit really, bitch fuck your rules
Your drowning ya punk, I don't think your songs aren't special
It sounds like your drunk, You flow as well as solid metal
I don't need to waste lines for votes, so go dickride bigben
Hollywood is so "wack" he reminds me of italian hitmen