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How do you sneak chicken and pizza into the movie? lol Do you take some a bag in with ya? I'd like to know, cause I'm tired of paying those high ass prices.
either take it in a bag (*the pizza is cold pizza, and just like a slice or 2, not like a full 12" freshly cooked pizza), or wrap it up and put it in ya pocket, go find ya seat and munch away on that shit. best thing about it is you can cook it at home, so its not like ya going to a pizza parlour or KFC beforehand, although i have taken Mcdonalds extra value meals in before, bitches hate it but fuck em, they dont like it they dont eat...

i always take my own food in there, cos them cinema prices will rape the shit outta ya pocket/wallet

£4.50 for a medium popcorn
£4.00 for a medium drink

so in U.S. prices, thats like $8 each, and you gotta remember this aswell, over here, our medium, is like your regular, our regular is like your small, but i love going to cinema