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Thread: McDonalds & Hip Hop

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    Default McDonalds & Hip Hop

    McDonald's In Talks With Hip-Hop Designers For Uniforms
    By Nolan Strong

    Date: 7/5/2005 11:53 am

    McDonald’s has already tapped into Hip-Hop music to help sell their food and promote their brand and now the fast food giant is in talks with Sean John, Rocawear and Fubu to give employee’s uniforms a makeover.

    McDonald’s has hired music mogul Steve Stoute, who runs Translation Consulting and Brand Imaging to oversee the project.

    The fast food giant’s aim is to make the employee uniform more desirable and to turn the clothing into walking advertisements for the McDonald’s brands.

    “McDonald’s has evolved and become a lifestyle brand,” Stoute told AdAge.com. “Since it now is relevant to our lifestyle, let’s go one step further and make its employees relevant to our lifestyle as well.”

    Other designers being considered for the uniform revamp include American Apparel, American Eagle Outfitters, Tommy Hilfiger and others.

    In recent months, McDonald’s offered royalties to rappers who include the “Big Mac” sandwich in a hit record.

    In that campaign, the artist who name checks the song in the song will be paid a royalty based on the amount of times the record is played on the radio.

    Representatives said the initiatives are part of a broader marketing campaign to use Hip-Hop to sell their products.

    The company also hired various rapper’s to perform at certain offline events and more recently, used the Kanye West produced single “Move Around” by Chicago rapper Bump J in a commercial.

    yo that shit just makes me sick...fuck mcdonalds i aint eating there again...i wonder what kinda bitch rapper could make a track of "big mac"

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    Default Re: McDonalds & Hip Hop

    hah they want the black market with this stunt
    The earth is a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena. Think of the rivers of blood spilled by all those generals and emperors so that in glory and in triumph they could become the momentary masters of a fraction of a dot.

    People are too stupid to effectively conspire to do anything, but not too stupid to come up with conspiracy theories.

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    Default Re: McDonalds & Hip Hop

    McDonalds has everything ass-backwards

    If they wanted to set up a new image they could increase the quality of their food and differentiate their menu so its not just fatty burgers and greasy fries.

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    Default Re: McDonalds & Hip Hop

    Like I say........HIP HOP is a fuckin McDOANLDS commercial in 2005.........

    haha........HIP HOP is so fuckin CORPORATE now........every corpoartion wants a hip hop jingle to sell thee products....

    HIP HOP is dead

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    Default Re: McDonalds & Hip Hop

    yup and the worst thing is there is NO ONE to stop these corporate bosses that are out 4 money..its really depressing

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    Default Re: McDonalds & Hip Hop

    Well instead of complaining about it all the time, is there anything physical we can do about it>?

    Weakness - The fundemental aspect in all of human existance.

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    Default Re: McDonalds & Hip Hop

    Quote Originally Posted by Epic_Man
    Well instead of complaining about it all the time, is there anything physical we can do about it>?
    not really.......

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    Default Re: McDonalds & Hip Hop

    just dont eat there

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    Default Re: McDonalds & Hip Hop

    i fuckin hate Mcdonalds more than everything else in this world.
    Jay-Z used to be my fav. rapper(besides Ill bill and method man), but after hearing this, i dont really know...

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    Default Re: McDonalds & Hip Hop

    Check out this funny flash animation about McDonalds their marketing campaigns and then be sure to click the link at the end and yes the site it links to is actually owned by McDonalds. HERE

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    Default Re: McDonalds & Hip Hop

    what does mickey d's have to do wit any thing

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    Default Re: McDonalds & Hip Hop

    Haha lol Mcdonalds food is pure fat I never eat there.

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