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    Yo, who has got this, if ain't got it who's seen it, trust me one of the best hip hop documentary's ever, of course talkin' 2Pac, so Ressurrection was the best, but this takes some beatin', it says this on the back of the dvd.

    For followers of the hip-hop scene and rap-music, it is a 'must-have-must-see'. For those interested in street and black American life, it's a lesson in culture. For fans of this multi-platinum selling artist and charismatic actor it's a collectors item; the story of the "Thug Immortal".

    See you know, interested in rap life? gotta see it who hasn't, the link up the top is Pac just freestylin' in the streets of New York before his album dropped i think, in the documentary you also him in the middle of the filming Juice, you see him roamin' the streets of New York, in the studio, chattin' to some girl, switchin' at some dude on the streets bootleggin' his shit, funny as hell man, a real enjoyable watch, gotta check it.

    Some of the storys his homies tell and all, are the funnist shit ever.
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    Sounds good, I'll have to keep my eye out....
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