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Thread: Ghost's exact lines...

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    Default Ghost's exact lines...

    they use to push me in shopping carts now I'm writing darts, like Ebeneezer the porno teaser! Saying words like sheeba
    (what does he say after that)-after the smoke is clear

    catch me in a crisp blue six, deep dish, doors is crisp velor stopped at the wrist-watch is involved?-the watch

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    the one off the watch means he's in a nice looking car eating deep sih foods his nice looking velor outfit is long sleeve, wrong board though.

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    Catch me in a crisp blue six, deep dish
    catch me a tight blue car, deep dish rims
    Doors is crisp, velour stop at the wrist
    Watch is involved, talk to me Trick Daddy
    interior has been pimped out, wearin' a velour suit with a dope watch lookin' like a pimp

    They used to push me in shopping carts
    Now I'm writing darts like Ebinezzer
    as a seed he was looked down on, now he's writin' dope, intelligent shit
    Sayin words like sheeba
    usin' language like some smart bitch I got no idea who is...
    Educated rapper fouling the teaser

    education is the key, helps him shit on weak mcs
    My team got rocks like Six Flags, plus the Wu lab
    wu pullin in mad cream, amusement park money, plus they got the studio
    Ghostface says fake words, like sprinkle noodles
    on your hembri...the fucks a hembri?


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