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Thread: what do you think of this

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    thats tru

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    c'mon, you are talking bout hiphop anf you are dropping Kanye West?

    new jack.

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    that's what i also thought a while ago...how would it be if they will release a 3cd album
    peace man

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordReveal
    Disc 1- Only Wu Tang members with only RZA productions.

    Disc 2- featurings with other Killa Beez and production from RZA, 4th Disciple, True Master, Mathematics, etc.

    Disc 3- collabos with other outside rappers (but nice collabos like Nas) and outside producers like Muggs, Alchemist, Havoc, DJ Premier.
    wack, cuz then it's like 3 separate albums rather than one single, consistent album. also 3 discs would cost at least $20-26 dollars (at least) and no one would buy that shit. but, if it sold only 333,333 copies it would be considered platinum.

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