Peace to everybody in Wu World!

Before I even start I wanna say peace to RZA and Cilva for thinking enough of us hardcore Wu fans to bring the site back and hope to see it grow.

But anyway, I have a rant and it's mainly concerning these dudes that've been "down" with Wu for a while that seem suspect to me now.

I'm on Chambermusik listening to the interviews they have with the godz and I'm diggin it. Harlem 6 reppin Wu fully, Raaddrr reppin Wu, so I go on to the Y-kim interview and I'm like "Nice, I ain't heard from Kim in a minute let see what he's got goin." I'm thinking I'ma hear him say something about some projects he got going with Wu or somehting to that effect. This nigga starts talking about how he's responsibe for the whole Clan like they wouldn't be where they are if it wasn't for him. How RZA stole his style and how him and Timbo ain't need Wu, Wu needed them. What the fuck man? Not only him, even Buddah Monk on some bullshit sayin he was never down with Wu, he was down with Dirty. So what, now that Dirt is gone you don't have anything to do with them now? There's more of em out there but these are just the two main examples.

My main issue is they talk about the clan (mainly RZA) like they're the true reason behind the Wu's fame and that RZA just used them to get where he is now. Come on now, even if some of that is true I think they should take some responsibility for themselves and reflect on why their name isn't in the spotlight while RZA is. Now I know New York brothas got an image to uphold so they can't say that RZA did this and that without fear of losing street cred, but even still.

Now I'm not riding his dick, I'm just showing my love like my man Cilva said. I ain't sayin RZA is perfect and I'm not saying these dudes are lying. All I'm saying is he must be doing something right to be where he's at right now. They could be up there clearing the Abbots figures if they had the heart he has and definately if they had stayed true to Wu. Think about it, when was the last time you heard Y-kim on a Wu album? Even if he went to RZA and he told kim to sit this one out so the fuck what? Get your ass off your shoulders and do you own thing, but don't disgrace the fam in the process. Remedy didn't wait for RZA, he did his own shit and still put the Wu stamp on it. Same thing with Northstar, Black Knights, even P.R. You waitin on anyone to do for you is gonna put you in that same spot no matter what the situation is. Plus i feel that they gave up on Wu so why should the fans check for them? I'm all about my Wu-Tang shit so anyone down with Wu I'm coping it as soon as I see it. So when these cats shit is commin out I ain't even interested, Why? cause truth be told they're sharp and all but they came out with Wu-Tang backing them so they should carry the torch with or without RZA holding their hands. Meth and Deck as prime example, Tical 0 had one RZA track on it, that didn't stop him from putting the Wu stamp on the album, same with The Movement. Even though those albums wasn't up to par it still felt like a Clan album, unlike say Raekwon's last shit or U-God's bullshit album.

Plus these niggas act like RZA owes them something, like he was supposed to mentor them like he did the generals to make sure they succeeded, kid shit to me. Shyheim never needed RZA, Shy just barely got some RZA productions on his forth album since the Young Godz track. Got locked up and not one person from the clan came to see him, but he still repped Wu like it was all gravy. Dirty did too for the most part. They didn't lose their heart. And they're seeing the benefits of it cause I know most of ya'll reading this either coped or are gonna cop those albums like I did.

I'ma wrap this up now but before I do I'm gonna sympathise with the brothas that feel like Wu has left them in the cold. These cats got into the game cause they love hip-hop and wanna make money, I understand that. And even with their RZA bashing I think their shit is still ten times better than the shit out on the radio. All I'm trying to get at with them is they need to take responsibility for their own carears and do for self like they all proclaim they are doing. RZA said years ago that the Wu was gonna be a flagship for these brothas to get their names out there, even if you haven't ever heard of them before the fans will check that shit out just cause they see that W on it. Who saw Raaddrr comming? Who saw La comming for that matter? But after you saw that W you got interested didn't you? I know I did. The W to me is like the seal of approval, to be used to let the fans know where you're comming from. Hell, if I was an official Killa Bee I wouldn't give a damn if I had never met the RZA or ever got a beat from him (although it'd be a dream come true). As long as I'm official I'ma rep that W with or without RZA's help. That's what it's there for, get your feet off the ground and do for self and no doubt cats will wanna fuck with you. No one wants to help someone who doesn't do for self.

That it ya'll. Get at me and tell me how you feel about things.

Wu-Tang Forever!!