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Thread: The Best Diss Rap Songs Ever

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    Eminem - The Sauce

    He exploded, killed Benzino and everythin he said was true, said with passion and flow was sick!!!!!

    Eazy E - Real Muthaphukkkin Gs

    The only man with the balls to take on Suge and Death Row at their peak, REAL SHIT!

    Westside Connection - King Of The Hill

    Ripped apart Cypress Hill
    When the revolution come, you can see me on the frontline
    firing my gun, standing right beside my son
    so when he grows up, he'll understand that i stood for somethin
    when my whole life, they told me i was good for nothin... - Inspectah Deck

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    Could someone please upload that track "The Sauce" by Eminem because I never heard that song before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Infinity tha God
    Nas- nazareth savage
    f'real man, i thought i was the only one that felt that way^^
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    Snoop Dogg-Pimp Slapped
    Kurupt-Callin Out Names
    2Pac-Hit Em Up, Toss It Up, Against All Odds
    MC Hammer-It's All Good, Break Em Off Somethin Proper hahahahahahaha
    Black Sheep-H.A.A.
    Capone & Noreaga with Foxy Brown-Bang Bang

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