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    Hey all,
    I just found this site and was amazed at the information. I have been a Wu Tang fan for a couple of years now and i've got about 20 Wu-Tang Group/Solo Albums. I live in Australia so its especially hard to get some of the less popular albums due to the fact that everyone here has a shit taste in music . I wanted to order maybe five albums from the USA or somewhere else. Anyone know of any places that would ship overseas?
    Feel free to add me to your MSN Messenger at 2tonemaybach@gmail.com. I am looking for cool people to talk to but Wu Tang stuff and rap in general.....

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    Welcome to The Corp. U can find alot of stuff on sites like SandboxAutomatic.com, HiphopSite.com. Also other Wu sites are Protect-Ya-Neck.com, ChamberMusik.com, KillahPriest.com, Hell-Razah.com, TimboKing.com, and also some unofficial site like Wuforever.com, MethTical.com. There are many others.
    BronzeNazareth.com, 71Raw.com
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