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Thread: Inspectah Deck - The Resident Patient (2006)

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    My Style

    thats my fav track

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    Look for a review soon.....

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    All i want is Mine is sooo underrated

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    Hollow Dartz Review

    1. Sound of The Slums (Featuring Masta Killa)
    Even though this is short, I think it's still pretty good. The beat on here is just right for Deck and I think he goes in on here showing that he still has some of that skill. Masta Killa steals the show on here though. He is flowing on here and his lines are something to remember on some street shit. 4/5

    Seriously how long did it take for Deck to come up with a Meaning for this one? Anyways this one is ok, nothing to special. I'm not really into the hook on here and the lyrics are ok. Beat is aight, I think this is a skippable track. 3.5/5

    3.What They Want
    This is the first track I heard when this album was released. This is pretty dope. The beat is definitely on point and Deck is flowing on here. You can tell he doesn't have that same feel to him as before but you gotta give him credit on this one. My only problem on here is that it is two verses. He kills it though. 4/5

    4.Get Ya Weight Up
    I'm feeling this one for some reason. I hate that "Fresh like Tubberware" Line though. Just wack. Besides that I think that this is a pretty good track. 4/5

    5.Interlude Pt. 1

    6. It's Not A Game
    Not feeling this one at all. The beat lacks and Housegang isn't all that great on here. On top of that the Hook is a dud. This could've been better. 3/5

    7.Interlude Pt. 2

    8.My Style
    I'm feeling this one the most "Tear ya face off like Nicholas Cage" Line gets me everytime, it's not even all that hot but it just stands out. Deck just goes in on here and doesn't stop until the song is done. I played this about 4 times in a row before I went on to the next track. This is that shit we need from Deck. 4.5/5

    9.All I Want Is Mine
    This is a definite slept on track. The talking at the beginning is kind of annoying though. But Deck talks about his street struggles and shit. The theme of this one is very point blank on some U-god Shit. This is definitely slept on, he drops a little gem on here. 4/5

    10.A Lil Story
    I do not like the Hook on this song, it makes me cut this song off everytime. The beat on here is pretty good and Deck is pretty solid. The Hook just kills it for me on here though. 4/5

    11.Get Down With Me
    This is a kind of slowed down track. It's still pretty good though. This one is short though, I love the Wu shoutouts on here though and Deck is pretty solid on here so I won't complain at all. 4/5

    This shit is TRASH. 1/5

    13.No Love (Feat. Carlton Fisk & Chico Debango)
    The only part I like about this song is Carlton Fisk, he always seems to deliver something good. Besides that I'm pretty much skipping this one. 3.5/5

    This was OK. Nothing really special at all about it, just a quick "Freestyle". Deck didn't spit no Atomically Bomb Dropping shit so this is a skippable joint. 3.5/5

    15.Do My Thang
    This shit is Wack. 1.5/5

    16.Handle That (Featuring U-God & Hugh Hef)
    Beat is definitely good enough and U-God sets it off on here on some "Dopium" shit LOL. His verse is very raw you can feel his energy on this one and it keeps you tuned in. Inspectah Deck deilvers on here aswell he followed up well. The Last guy Hugh Hef just spits punchline after punchline, i knew 8/10 of his lines my first listen they were so predicatble. He was ok though. This is a banger. 4/5


    17. Animal Rights (Featuring Housegang)
    Nothing special about this one at all but Carlton Fisk. LOL he is just raw on everything he touches. This is pretty average. 3.5/5

    18.H.G. Is My Life
    This is weak. 2/5

    Beats - 4/5
    Lyrics - 4/5
    Overall - 4/5

    I think this is pretty good for what it is. I think it is lighty better than "The Movement" even though "The Movement" has a more album vibe to it. The lyrics and beats on here are pretty solid and Deck proves he still has some steam left in him. A must have for a Deck fan. ****Overall 4/5****
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    The more that I listen, the deeper my understanding gets of how dope this thing actually is. Opposed to the negative views of some, I feel Deck's spirit is on fire and I'm definitely grasped by his lyrics, still.

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