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Thread: Wild Rumors of Meth & Supa Head

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    Default Re: Wild Rumors of Meth & Supa Head

    She has a website www.karrine.com Her real name is Karrine Steffans aka Supahead! To make a long story short. She's a former music video model "Jay-Z's Hey Papi" as well as wanna be actress "Had a small role in the Vin Diesel movie A Man Apart" She wrote a book called "Confessions of a Video Vixen" and basically just put a bunch of dudes on blast about her sexuals exploits with them. Some her conquests were: Shaq (Who by the way is furious about the book I'm assuming since he's married), Bobby Brown (Same story as Shaq), Ja Rule (Do we see a theme developing with all these married dudes), Irv Gotti (to whom she claims "pass her off to all and anybody in his click"), Kool G. Rap (Which I think was actually her Ex-husband), Vin Diesel and everybody else under the sun. Anyways, she was on the Miss Jones Morning show on hot 97 (NYC Radio station) yesterday morning (FYI. The same Miss Jones from AZ's Sugar Hill hook for those who don't know) to promote her book (Which is actually #7 on the New York Times Best sellers list). She basically started speaking on some of her exploits and what not and things got ugly when she started talking about G. Rap. Him and his wife called in to get at her, but she left the studio and ran into the bathroom (per Miss Jones and her squad). Apparentely Kool G. Rap's wife has phone conversations she taped of them speakin' in the past that can apparentely exposure her as a fraud and a lier. Anyways, Somehow some way when G. Rap's wife was talking, she ended up mentioning Number 4 out of nowhere. A lil' while later, he called in on some what's going on shit since his wife called him from New York (Meth is in Cali) apparentely getting at him about the supahead chick, and if he was dealing with her and if he knocked her up! The whole thing was, Supahead never said anything about Meth on air or in the book from my knowledge, this all came from G. Rap's wife who I guess had some information that never would had come to light (False or not) So, then Miss Jones gets Meth, G. Rap & his wife on the phone together (On Air) and Method (Who was obviously livid) was basically telling G. Rap's wife to keep his name out of her mouth, and how he doesn't even know the chick (Supahead) and how his name even got in it. G. Rap and his wife were basically trying to defuse an upset Meth and by the end of the converstation it seems like they were ight with each other, Meth even saying to G. Rap "You still on of my favorite Rappers" The whole time this conversation was going on, Per Miss Jones, Karrine Steffans (Supahead) was having a breakdown somewhere in the building. Damn that was long! Hope I sheded some light on the situation for you all outside the tri-state area!

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    Good looks man,

    i was lost but now i understand whats going on a lil seomthin
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    damn Allah summed that shit up right. But for those that wanna hear superho for themselves and meth defending his name on air... here yall go.


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    Default Re: Wild Rumors of Meth & Supa Head

    I love how this chick thinks she had a lead in Man Apart, she is not even listed in the full cast and crew, unless she went by a different name.


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    Default Re: Wild Rumors of Meth & Supa Head

    I'd've Fucked her brains out too, haha...silly slut

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    Its there cuz....her name is just spelled wrong. They have it as, KarinStephens. Character name: Candice Hicks

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    I see it now thanks, still not sure that qualifies her to put "Lead" in the movie, but I guess if she puts "Lead" on her website next to every video she ever stood in the background of she can do it for movies too. When I see lead I assume she was Vin Diesels wife, which she was not.

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    Default Re: Wild Rumors of Meth & Supa Head

    Dam Shit Is Crazy

    Pussy Ass Quotes
    Quote Originally Posted by gi0vanni
    create man you're always bitching at people. you need to take a chill pill. you jump on people every chance you get.

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    yo it looks like the bitch is in danger now 4 talking shit of tigger...appaerently tiggers got some friends after her in nyc

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    Default Re: Wild Rumors of Meth & Supa Head

    I don't even wanna talk about the slut, but man, G Raps wifey really sucks!!
    It's incredible how Meth rips up the whole show though. That's a true battle MC right there. Even so the whole show as a whole was really a fuckin' shame...


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    Default Re: Wild Rumors of Meth & Supa Head

    wasn't super head on jonesy's show b4? or maybe they was just doing the daily celebrity drama portion of the show, commenting on the book. cuz i remember hearing about this a while back, some of the things that stood out to me was about shaq, and how meth was an animal in bed, and alot of fun, and how AI(allen iverson) was not repping philly, inches wise if you nah mean. that's a fucked up way to go out AI, damn!
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