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Thread: steve-o and the wu!

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    Default steve-o and the wu!

    found this on the net: is this true? sounds kinda crazy!

    i just got home from the Rock the Bells festival IV....Wu-Tang was one of many acts to grace the stage at the show, and during their tribute to ODB, for some reason, STEVE-O from jackass comes out on stage and embarasses himself and discraces ODB (in front of his mother no less) by doing a "dirty stunt" in honor of ODB...claiming that he wanted to do it because he was recently locked in the same jail cell that ODB stayed in at one point in L.A. county jail, Steve-O proceeded to pull of his clothes (surrounded by all remaining members of the WU and in front of an ODB painting) and tuck his ISH behind his legs and do a backflip....afterwards the RZA made a comment about Steve-O belonging in a Zoo, then went on with the show...but a couple songs later, Raekwon brought Steve-O front and center and told him over the mic that if he didnt apologize for the "gay" and disgusting display he would knock him out on the spot....with a trembling voice Steve-O apologized to the Wu-Tang and ODB's mother, much to the approval of the crowd
    pretty rediculous indeed....i was personally disgusted when i even saw Steve-O on stage, but im glad it was made right eventually...
    either way don't be surprised if you hear something in the news the next couple of days about Steve-O being involved in some kind of freak accident...because i don't think the simple apology will be enough for the Wu

    feel free to throw me props for the news or just the image of Steve-O getting jumped by the Wu
    jackasses should stay where they belong....

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    hmm.. As of now it's a rumor, I'll wait till we know if it's true.
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    no. that pretty much happened. word for word.

    except, steve-o also said something about it being meth's idea.

    somethign along the lines of
    "... i'm not going to do this because method man told me to do it, but because...."

    i forget. i caught the thing on video tho. havn't had time to actually watch the playback. i'll post it when i get the chance.

    kinda sucked, cause it really killed the mood of the show. after rae got all mad, rae left the stage and they did triumph, the first time i'd heard alll 9 of them do it all the way thru too! except rae's verse, which was last was done by them and the rest of the crowd.

    other highlights from the show:
    lauren hill was the special guest, preforming her hits from 'the miseducation...' w/ a live band.

    one of the dudes from black sheep came out during de la's set, also phife came out and did some old tribe classics. not the same w/o tip tho.

    2004 was way better. prolly cause Ol dirty is in so many of their hits, i felt like there were so many other songs i would've liked to hear, also the wu only did an hour set.

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    what's the link to the site you got that from?

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    I'd love to see Steve-O getting beat the fuck up off all the clan, they should of thrown him into the crowd an let the fans rush him, if anybody sees him give him a right hook

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    Quote Originally Posted by milhouse75
    what's the link to the site you got that from?

    www.theywenttoseeitlivesotheygotfirsthandknowledge oftheincident.com

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    kill the clown! he's a disgrace for the human race thats all
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    You are so funny!!!!111one111!!eleven

    On the real, that was mad disrespecting, Steve-O should've been knocked the fuck out.

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    he's a stoopid motherfucker anyway - dunno y anyone likes him in the first place....please someone KICK HIS ASS.
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    i'm also uploading that video of steve-o o yousendit.com....

    it's 360mb and i don't have film editing software, or care to learn how to use it, so you will have to wait till it loads. i'll post the link when it's up.

    *** i will upload it once, i am not sure how yousendit.com works, and it's bandwith, or the number of times it can be dl'd, but i will not be uploading it again as it takes a long time to get 360mb up there. so if you get it and for some reason the link becomes inactive, please re-upload it because shit is taking forever, i did my part. edit it if you want, and repost it. it is such a big file, because it is of pretty decent quality (from a point-click digital camera)***

    i knew i had to pull out the camera for this one cause i was like "steve-o w/ the wu? wtf? are you serious" the video is just of them showing off the odb painting, "shimmy", meth introducing steve-o, steve-o doing his flip and them going into "brooklyn zoo". sound quality is pretty good, as there is no music, just talking.

    i think honestly, in steve-o's defence (i am not really a jackass fan myself), but i think meth made him do it. he's the only one agging him on and even laughs as he's denying he asked him to do it.

    so to put the entire blame on steve-o... it isn't entirly his fault. you basically are asking for it when you ask someone like that to come on stage. I am sure he must've asked someone's permission to do it. but in usual wu fashion unorganization hits yet again.

    when rae got mad, althoguh very understandable and respectable, really shifted the mood of the show.

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    Nah man, respect for Rae, thats how to honor and defend the memory of your deceased friend thats the way to do it. Plus if Meth really asked him to do it he must have been lifted out of his mind.

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    damn, i wanna see this so bad. i'm at work though!! blah

    stevo is a mooooron. thanks for this info!!!

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    that fuckin faggot

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    Even though it was disrespecting, Steve-O obviously didn't mean it like that. He thought he was doing a nice thing for ODB.

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