As the brainchild behind the ďBubblegum PopulaceĒ compilation series, Iíve had a considerable amount of time to put together 2 notable compilations already, including BP1 and BP2. For the third installment, Iíve acquired numerous established underground hip hop talents to help diversify the roster. Bubblegum Populace was created and intended for promotional use only. Thus far, Iíve made no profit whatsoever, but have allotted funds toward the development which, honestly, has nearly exhausted my expenditures. Iím not complaining though, because my overall intention is to promote artists for the quality of their music, not to profit off of their talents in an attempt to make some absurd name for myself within the hip hop community. In my contacting you, I want you to understand that it isnít just me that is requesting your presence on this compilation. Itís the thousands of devoted listeners to my BP project that have shown a desire to have you on board for BP3ís current roster. BP3 is set to be huge, mainly it will be available for free online download, however, there will be multiple units pressed up to be sent to hundreds and hundreds of college radio stations that I network with, for further exposure. Other units will be distributed accordingly amongst artists requesting their own copies to pass out for promotional use. This means that limited copies are available, and the majority of them are already spoken for. I reach out to the artists in hopes to spread their music, which I support faithfully, to a wider and more diverse demographic. As you know, no matter how popular you become, or how crowded your target audience and fanbase is at the moment, there is still an untapped fountain of listeners you can reach both domestic, and internationally. Iím contacting you because I am undoubtedly an avid listener of your music. In my mind, YOU are whatís popular today, you are whatís bubblegum. In the underground, you are the next best thing to step into the industry, and thatís why I wanted to talk to you personally, before you DO blow and find conversations with people like myself trivial.

Here is a current rundown of the BP3 roster, which is actually going to be the biggest tracklisting witnessed in a long time. These are all individuals whom I have contacted personally, and spoken with about contributing to my ongoing compilation project, currently in itís 3rd year. They have already submitted tracks, or are in the process of submitting them.

Main Flow (Mood)
Blame One
Milo of Demolisten
The Illiance
Tragic Allies
One Be Low
Skipp Whitman
The Camp (Grime, Dese, & Etcetera)
Mic Stylz
Nabo Rawk (Ex-Porn Theater Ushers)
Militia Avenue
Starrs & Murph
Unknown Prophets
Odyssey Deep
Blame One
Main Flow
Scen (Demofficial)
Doujah Raze
Louis Logic
Dos Noun
Meta4ce Omega
Q-Unique (Formerly of The Arsonists)
9th Scientist
Truth Universal
Radius of The Management
Smoke of Oldominion
Haysoos of Wade Waters
Soulstice of Wade Waters
Daily Plannet
El Gant
Freestyle (Formerly of The Arsonists)
Nimrod of The Foundation
Dassim Tha Marxman
Poison Pen
Majik Most
L.I.F.E. Long
Prince Po of Organized Konfusion
Cadence of Raw Produce
Storm The Unpredictable
Solid Entity (Psychlone & Chanj)
Mike G of The Jungle Brothers
Cobalt of Demolisten
James Ciphurphace

Lendo Duggan-
Bubblegum Populace-

Hey Yaíll. What's going on? Just checking to see if you have any tracks you'd like to contribute for the upcoming Bubblegum Populace 3 mixtape? Still down? It's entirely free, I don't sell it or anything. Basically you just decide what tracks you want to contribute, you get up to 3 tracks. Or you can just use one, doesn't matter. You don't have to record an exclusive or anything, just submit a track or two that you felt could have received a little bit more attention or that was your personal favorite. You send them to my email address @ and then I'll take care of anything else, sound interesting? Here's some information:

Bubblegum Populace Mixtapes is a mixtape series that features a diverse roster of insanely rugged mc's known for their expertise in mic handles, artists such as Soulstice, Defcon of Demofficial, Meta4ce, Okwerdz, Prime, Clew Rock, Middle Ground, REU of Culture VI, Money Milo of Demolisten, Scenario of Demofficial, Cobalt of Demolisten, PHANT, Jay Sinister, Southern Authentic, Aloe, Doomsday, Global Ken, Renaissance, Dan The Underdog, Kin Dread, Grime Tha MC, Frankie Riptide, Thoughtsarizen, Loot, Smiles, Bekay, Status of Demofficial, Cicc Cell, Point Game, Krukid, Freestyle (Formerly of the Arsonists), Solid Entity (Psychlone & Rekks), Poison Pen (Emveez), Supastar Billy Gram (Emveez), JBully, Cashmere the PRO, Dese, Excetera, ODB (Dirt McGirt), Angelous, Ben Franklin, Madface, Poverty, Mic Stylz, Woo Child, Change, Dizasta, Catalyst, Geo, Nemesis, Vice Raw, and aGG have all contributed to the project, currently entries are being accepted for BP3, which will be released mid/late fall, for information on how you can be featured on the Bubblegum Populace mixtapes please contact me @ or, those affiliated with the BP mixtapes get their music played on multiple college radio stations with online coverage as well, the BP mixtapes get circulated free of charge, if you are an artist that would like to be affiliated with the Bubblegum Populace mixtapes and have the chance to perform live, contact me @ or and I will attempt to arrange shows at selected venues and events, if you are an artist that would like to get they music extra promotion outside of they demographic, and have demos/cds/samplers/fliers/posters/stickers/merchandise that you would like to be included with the BP package or dispersed along with the BP mixtapes via our street teams, then contact me @ or

The Bubblegum Populace mixtape series is a compilation of Underground/Independent Hip-Hop artists. The reasoning behind Bubblegum Populace is this. As a listener, I have a tendency to discriminate against certain variations of music. The most respectable genre in my mind is Independent Hip-Hop. Artists begin in the underground. It's there in the underground where those artists seem to sound their most crisp. There's no better time to listen to an individual than when they are first starting out trying to make a name for themselves. Underground Hip-Hop, to me, symbolizes rawness, creativity, and passion. With BP, it's more of a statement. A statement of what's currently popular in the Underground/Independent Hip-Hop scene. I prefer to work with these artists before their careers blow-up and they become a household name. So recognizable that a person like me wouldn't be able to communicate with the same vantage point as I do now. As a former MC and diehard fan, this won't prevent me from promoting them as much as possible. The entire idea behind BP is promotion. It's an advertising campaign free of charge, not only for promotional use but to spread the music throughout different demographics in a grassroots approach to create a genuine buzz. What I do is for you, the artist. Not me, the listener. Right now you have a target audience. All I want to do is assist in expanding that target audience, and in the process circulate really great music. That's what Bubblegum Populace is, and that's what it always will be. I've decided to do a third installment and continue doing more projects in the future. Not to my benefit, but to yours. Declining my offer is just as respectable as accepting it. I want you to know that. I'm just trying to organize all the great music that I've enjoyed throughout the years, and the artists that's provided it, on one philosophical assessment: that I can help spread quality music.