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Thread: Chris Hines (G-Unit) Interview - August 14th, 2006

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    Default Chris Hines (G-Unit) Interview - August 14th, 2006


    C.H.=Chris Hines

    B: Whats good?

    C.H.: Same old, same old. Just trying to make it happen in the game.

    B: Are you a manager or C.E.O.?

    C.H.: I am the CEO of Chris Hines Ent. but I do manage people and I also book shows.

    B: Who do you manage?

    C.H.: I manage Blax, Dun Place, John J and Matte Babel.

    B: How’d you find those people and connect with them?

    C.H.: I met John a few years ago when he was over at Project Bounce. I liked his style of DJ’ing and I told him to jump on board. It took him some time, but since he did, it’s been a roller coaster of a ride. As for Blax he came to me after leaving Fully Loaded and I met Matte on the road when I was touring with Lloyd Banks. We just kind of kicked it off.

    B: Who was the first artist you managed?

    C.H.: Darryl Riley.

    B: How’d you first get into managing?

    C.H.: I used to work with Darryl Riley back in the days and that was where I really 1st did any kind of managing. I learned a lot working with Darryl.

    B: What happened to Darryl Riley?

    C.H.: He changed management.

    B: Going out of high-school, was this the career you had planned?

    C.H.: Well I used to like the idea of being a promoter. A friend of mine, Top Cat Ent., was doing it real big at the time, and by watching him it motivated me in to getting into promotions. I did it for a bit and I was very unsuccessful in it. So I left the biz and got into an exotic car rental company. I met tonnes of people doing that. Then I got back in the promotion game around 2001.

    B: Did you go by a different name back then, or has it been Chris Hines since day one?

    C.H.: I used to only use Hines Entertainment, but not for long. I kind of liked using my full name.

    B: How many years and/or months have you been managing exactly?

    C.H.: I worked with Darryl for about a year. Then after him I just did some show promoting until I met John and got back into it. I really got into the managing because I just have mad connections in the game and I can use them to blow people, so why not?

    B: Who would you still like to manage or even work with?

    C.H.: I would really like to work with anyone with motivation. I hate an artist who doesn’t want to put there hours in. And you also got to be hot in what you do.

    B: Who’s your personal favourite artist?

    C.H.: I like pretty much all of G-unit. I do a tonne of work with them also.

    B: Are you looking, or going to look for, the newest Canadian prospects?

    C.H.: Yeah, I get mad demos. And I do listen to them all. I am just really weighing my options and trying to get to know some of them. But who ever the next person is, I will definitely put them on the map!

    B: What do you look most in artists? Lyrics, delivery, or what?

    C.H.: All of the above. But I really look for motivation; it’s a lot of work and I can only open so many doors. So the artist can’t be lazy.

    B: Are you affiliated with anyone else besides G-Unit? If so, who?

    C.H.: That is a real long list. I would go for days.

    B: Then just drop the 5 recent names you’ve worked with.

    C.H.: Well right now, I am doing bookings with Sean Paul, Jadakiss, Twista, Beenie Man, and I even have dates coming with KRS-1.

    B: For g-unit, what do you mainly do for them?

    C.H.: I worked on the Massacre DVD. But I mostly do bookings for them. Mostly in Canada, the Caribbean, and somtimes in Europe.

    B: When did this connection begin?

    C.H.: Back before 50 blew, two friends of mine, Ice and Mike Lighty, came to me with this new artist named 50 Cent. They asked me to jump on board to work with him on some shows. 3 months later, 50 blew and blew big! He came from 10k a show (when he was unsigned) to 50k a show almost over night! Now he is up to 500k a night.

    B: Did you ever want to get down with another camp like D-Block?

    C.H.: I have worked with Jada a few times in the past. I would get down with anyone as long as there is potential in making money. I am about to launch a 10 city Canadian tour with Jadakiss in September 2006 to promote his new album.

    B: Darryl Riley did a joint with Onyx and Jewelz Jones with Young Chris (Young Gunz). How’d that come to be?

    C.H.: I had nothing to do with that track with Young Chris and Jewelz. Darryl and the Onyx track, yeah. Sticky was just feeling what Darryl had to offer, same with Posta Boy who also made a track with Darryl. Sean Paul from the Youngbloodz was also feeling Darryl, but we never got the track ready in time for the Youngbloodz album.

    B: Any up-and-coming artist you want to release information about or even a couple exclusive joints to us?

    C.H.: I don’t have anything Canadian. I am about to get on the wagon with an artist named 40 Glock. He’s the newest member in the Infamous G-Unit (Mobb Deep’s label), but I don’t have a single here with me now.

    B: Plans for the year?

    C.H.: Real big plans! I just finished a deal with my friend Ice, who I mentioned earlier. I am partnering up with Ice, Sha Money XL, and Ultimate Entertainment. We’re about to take over the Canadian booking business. Hopfully, soon, every show/party/concert will come from us.

    B: And long-term plans?

    C.H.: Just to keep it moving and do my best and make it happen real big.

    B: By web or by copping products, where can we check you and your artists out?

    C.H.: We are all over the place. John J & Blax play clubs all over the city almost every night. And Matte is on Much Music’s M.O.D. everyday at 5 pm. Check me out on the web at http://www.chrishinesent.com.

    B: Any last comments or shoutouts?

    C.H.: Yeah, shoutouts to DJ John J (Shadyville), Blax, Matte Babel, UltimateEntertainment.ca, Darryl Riley and all my peeps who are on the grind!

    B: Thanks for the great interview!

    C.H.: That’s for doing it with me.

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