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Thread: Method Man - 4-21 The Day After

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    Default Method Man - 4-21 The Day After

    1. Intro 2:11
    2. Is It Me 3:44
    3. Problem 3:30
    4. Somebody Done Fucked Up 3:18
    5. Shaolin Soldier (Skit) 0:21
    6. Fall Out 3:24
    7. Dirty Mef (Feat. O.D.B.) 2:59
    8. 4:20 (Feat. Streetlife & Carlton Fisk) 4:34
    9. Let's Ride (Feat. Ginuwine) 3:10
    10. The Glide 3:05
    11. Kids (Skit) 0:47
    12. Got To Have It 4:13
    13. Say 3:49
    14. Ya'Meen (Feat. Fat Joe & Styles P) 4:21
    15. Konichiwa Bitches 2:59
    16. Everything (Feat. Inspectah Deck & Streetlife) 3:34
    17. Walk On (Feat. Redman) 2:46
    18. Pimpin' (Skit) 0:31
    19. Presidential M.C. (Feat. Raekwon & The Rza) 4:30
    20. 4 Ever (Feat. Megan Rochell) 4:04

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    Dam son, u just beat me to this!!
    Album sounds hot. From what ive heard so far this blows tical 0 off the water. Will give a full review later.

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    NOTE: The bonus track O.D is not on my s**t. is it on your OZ?

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    ^ Nope..

    *listening to the Intro*
    Mef sounds hungry

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    intro is heavy, he sampled the same flute from the intro on tical
    problem is serious too. He sounds mad hungry on this one.
    But so far the glide is a ripper. RZA killed this!

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    METHOD MAN is back son.......this cd is good man

    the 4 RZA produced tracks are sick......RZA is back as a producer too bro.....he brought it for MEF

    "THE GLIDE" is a fuckin Wu banga for real man

    RAEKWON and METH fuckin kill it....loving RAEKWON verse: "Stack up, you little niggas backup, your raps suck".....RAEKWON comes fuckin hard on this track...

    whole album is pretty grimy.....especuially by 2006 standards

    props to METH

    METH IS back
    "Rap has gradually degenerated from an art form into a ring tone"

    "We got the tape Nigga"- Raekwon live in Toronto

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    who produced the intro?

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    Making cream Bedlam's Avatar
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    rough review of wut i've heard so far

    Intro - 9
    Is It Me - 9.5
    Problem - 8.5
    Somebody Done Fucked Up - 9
    Fall Out - 7.5
    Dirty Mef - 8
    4:20 - 10 (After a few more listens, this is my favorite on the album. The xzylophone is nuts)
    Let's Ride - 6
    Got to Have It - 4 (who the fuck produced this garbage?)
    Say - 9
    Ya Meen - 4
    Konitchiwa Bitches - 9
    Everything - 7 (Mathematic's voice samples are beyond annoying, Deck seems a little less sharp than he was on Resident Patient)
    Walk On - 7.5 (It's good to hear Red and Meth again, the beat is a little weak though)
    Presidential MC - 9.5 (with a little added kung fu at the beginning and end)
    4 Ever - 5

    after one quick listen, 8.5/10
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    OK so this is pretty dope after one listen,

    The Intro is sick, though the flute, as it's used, is out of place. sounds either Rza or at least RZA-ish

    Is It me is dope

    The Problem is ok, never really cared for E. Sermon beats, so I'm biased.

    Somebody Done Fucked Up
    - don't like the beat

    Fall Out I didn't really like much, though it sounds slightly better within the context of the album.

    Dirty Mef is disappointing. This should have been crazy like Dirty Dancing, the beat is too bland for these two.

    is sick, sick sick. Rza does it again. Good to hear Meth, Street and Carlton together.

    Lets Ride
    is absolutely by-the-numbers, feels out of place

    The Glide is cool but the beat is re-used(ODB- Scrilla)

    Got To Have
    it is cool

    is cool, somwhat bland

    Ya Mean
    is ok, wish Meth would get "A-List" guests though.
    Kinichiwa Bitches is cool but pointless.

    Everything is a dope Wu reuinion, Meth always gets hype for these. (for example listen to how Meth attacks the beat on Run 4 Cover from Blackout)

    Walk On is absolutely insane. Might be the best on the album. Meth and Red back and forth over some hard drums and a dope sample but.... isn't this the Just Blaze remix to Jay-Z's PSA?

    President MC
    is cool. beat needs some life though. a piano or strings

    4eva is horrible
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    As for myself: I had come to the conclusion that there was nothing sacred about myself or any human being, that we were all machines, doomed to collide and collide and collide.
    - Kurt Vonnegut

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    after one listen

    1. Intro 5/5 Tough beat
    2. Is It Me 4.5/5 very good especially for scott storch
    3. Problem 4/5 good
    4. Somebody Done Fucked Up 4.5/5 I like the beat
    5. Shaolin Soldier (Skit) 0:21
    6. Fall Out 2.5/5 poor beat
    7. Dirty Mef (Feat. O.D.B.) 4.5/5 I like it
    8. 4:20 (Feat. Streetlife & Carlton Fisk) 5/5 crazy beat
    9. Let's Ride (Feat. Ginuwine) 2.5/5 mmmmm
    10. The Glide 4/5 average beat
    11. Kids (Skit) 0:47
    12. Got To Have It 4.5/5 like the voice sample
    13. Say 4.5/5
    14. Ya'Meen (Feat. Fat Joe & Styles P) 3.5/5
    15. Konichiwa Bitches 5/5 banger
    16. Everything (Feat. Inspectah Deck & Streetlife) 4.5/5 Math as usual
    17. Walk On (Feat. Redman) 4/5 good
    18. Pimpin' (Skit) 0:31
    19. Presidential M.C. (Feat. Raekwon & The Rza) 5/5 wu banga
    20. 4 Ever (Feat. Megan Rochell) 0/5 This chick doesn't know how to sing she fucked up the track badly AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
    Boom Bap Mafiozos " C.R.A.C.K."


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    i dont know why you all aint listing Raekwon & La on the 10th track, especially since their verses were so dope

    i cant really review this album now, i need to listen to this for a few weeks to be able to write a credible review, but as for now i can say this cd is after a few hours of constant playing becoming my fav album from 2006 so far

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    after my 3rd time listening 2 it straight trough:

    intro-10/10, classic
    is it me-9/10, suprislingly good
    problem-8.5/10, nice track
    somebody done fucked up-8/10, album is off to a great start
    fall out-5/10, hear it in a club maybe??
    dirty mef-10/10, i love this shit
    4:20-7.5/10, not feeling it as much as most of u, still a good track though
    let's ride-3/10- i dont hate these type of songs, but this sucks
    glide-7.5/10-good, not great.
    got to have it-8.5/10, who did the beat? i liked it and meth was nice
    say-9.5/10, meth says it all
    ya'mean-4/10, not terrible but would rather have another rza track wit gza, masta killa, and ghost
    konichiwa bitches-10/10, mutha fuckin rza killed it. start of the albums best stretch.
    everything-10/10, deck is nice but i love streets verse and the chours.
    walk on-9/10, meth and red. where red gone wild!
    presidential M.C-9/10, rza killed it again. meth and rae came correct, rza was ok with his verse
    4 ever-4.5/10-not as bad as you all say.

    4;21..the day after=7.9/10

    definitly better then what i expected after tical prequal.

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    isn't Megan Rochell the same chick on Ghost's Momma right? she didnt fuck Ghost's up, is it really that bad? I'm checkin the album now, will leave ma thoughts later


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    Damn "OD on 'em" didnt make the final cut....
    I gotta have my own 4:21 ----> OD on em is a must have

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