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Thread: providence concert review

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    went to the show last night, got in line and meths tour bus pulled up. the bus was painted 4"21. mad cool. so i sat there for waiting for wu. it went off at 1130. with street life. he did a song, then cappa came out in tis boston hockey jersey. Out next was U-god, i wanted to see how he was since i think hes the weak link in the clan, but i was happy with this rhymes. Next up was Gza, came out with swords flying. Then Deck, came and killed it. his voice was great,and hes the most under rated wu meber. He was up front all night. Killler was up next. One blood banger. Ghost out all in white. Then Rae, just nasty and killed the mic. Then meth. Crazy meth. But the bad thing of the night, no Rza. I was mad but i knew it would be different with out him. Ghost and Rae took the show with songs from cubin linx. Meth was in charge all night, but ghost was wanting the mic and that he did. He had the girls up there. the last song of night was triumph, they had to kill the mics to get rae and meth of the stage. i gve it a 9 out 10, would be a 10 with RZA

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    ^^ yea man i was at the chi show and the whole time i thought rza wouldnt be there. and then they annoucned that he was there. and then hell broke the fuck loose.

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    Dissapointed Rza wasn't there. I got too drunk and only remember half of the night. I'm fuckin stupid for that shit. But damn did I WILD the fuck out.


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    yeah i was also dissapointed that rza wasn't there but it was a good show anyway i talked to beretta 9,raekwon,ghostface,cappa,deck,streetlife,young justice(gza's son),golden child(masta killa's son) and masta killah,i did not see u-god and he was the only one that i didn't get autograph from but i was ok...

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