Simple, take every letter of ur name and place it for the first letter of every line. for example

At first look u think this kid was just average/
Dead ass i leave niggas heads in a carriage/
Every day i drop lines just to feel good/
Debtin niggas who think they "real hood"/
What the fuck is they thinking steppin to a prodigy/
Under the assumption they got skills, yea gotta be/
Talkin like they aint never herd of respect/
Always wanna be hard cuz they think they got rep/
Nobody understands u homey, speak clearly/
Grabbin that mic gave u a new reason to fear me/

heres another one:

Wive's I Puncture, Kind of Absurd im known as da GAnja Puffer!
Highness of Violence! da Tyrant dat Truimph's ova da Spineless!!
Icicle veins from da Tips of My Toes, Ride Ho'z like they da town Bicycle!
Tormentor Dispenser, Adventure Protector! no Lecture's from this Professor
Eerie Be Me, CLearly It's Seen, Dexterity Dense like da Seven Seas!

Necromancer Necessities! Technically Dangerous like mis-used Chemistry

Dragon that Castrated those not Obeying! Surveying my Oasis
Arrogant American! aint no Comparison so save ya self da Embarrassment
Napalm killed more people then Graveyards! dat's Bizarre leavin lyrical birthmarks
Graceful Advocate, Demonstrate then Detonate and Devistate da U.S.A
Emperor i control da Temperature! i Reckon ya Best Bet is ta Exit
Ranger wit da Razor, cut bodys like its a Rapier! Trainer...not Traitor
Organs Hanged, when i Break ya'll FAg'z Porcelain Face, Mourge's ya Fate
Uranium Weak, i'm Titanium a cyclone Sinister Typhoon...
Sap ya Strength, Accidents Make it so theres no need ta get da Ambulace Rang!

hope you dont mind me usin ur verse White but i just wanted to make it clear to everyone

so follow the guidelines and State Chya Name