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Thread: is hip-hop dying?

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    Quote Originally Posted by snapple View Post
    not even you don't know the first thing about the business side of the hiphop game you sound like a moron.

    i know more than u do

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    you odviously don't because you think methodman has the same ammount of power as jayz, so this isn't an argument, it's just you being ignorant and me calling you on it


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    hiphop is neva goin 2 b dead! i hope! as long as the fans supported and ni99as stop puttin out this bullshit then hiphop will be iight!
    Rap from the heart, not for the charts although its nice 2 have money! 1

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    Wow. Another hip hop is dead thread. You should get a 10,000th visitor award for this sir.
    There's certain tricks of the trade to try and hault your defeat//Like taking tupperware to an "all you can eat"//Returning used shit for new saying you lost your receipt//And writing four figure checks when your accounts deplete//Then all your problems pile up about a mile up//Thinkin about a partner you can dial up to help you out this foul stuff//Whole family sleepin on a futon while you're clippin coupons//Eatin salad tryin to get full off the croutons

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