Kicking It With Q-Tip

By Darin Gloe

Amidst mixing down and putting the final touches on his upcoming Universal LP "Live at the Renaissance", we got a chance to sit down with Q-Tip. He's let us in on what he's been up to, where the Kamal project is at, and what movie roles he has taken on. He also puts the proverbial nail in the coffin on the rumored Tribe reunion.

What up, how are you doing, and I have to say it is great to see you back on the scene.

Thank you, I'm good, how are you sir?

Before we get to talking about the album, inquiring minds want to know, what's up with ATCQ. We have heard from Phife and Ali is doing his thing with Penalty, what is your take on it?

Yeah, I hear you's not going to happen, that's done, it's done. .....

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