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Thread: Nyc's Hot 97's Interview With "superhead"--must Listen!!

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    Default Nyc's Hot 97's Interview With "superhead"--must Listen!!


    Q: Your advice to aspiring video girls, what should they expect?

    A: Expect the worst and hope for the best. The way the industry operates these days is very tricky. Most of the images and scenarios that are seen, and therefore expected, are unreal. They do not exist in the capacity in which they are shown. The lyrics and their videos are all part of a machine that runs off of the degradation of women and ignorant men. It's important for women to realize-when they step into this industry, it's make believe and they should act accordingly. I, of all people, cannot tell someone what and what not to do. All I can say is, whatever you decide, be smart. Know who are you as a woman and what you stand for as a person. Never let the people, places and things around you change your expectations of yourself. Strength and courage will get you far.

    Q: If you had anything to do differently what would it be?

    A: I'm not sure if I would make any changes. I am not a woman who lives with regret. Everything has made me the woman that I am today. And even though the road was rough and unpaved, it has brought me to a place of peace and understanding. But because I am at this place in my life, I can say this...If I had been given a choice on having a hard life or an easy life, and still being able to reach the same results...I would have chosen the easier road. But life doesn't work that way.

    Q: Since you are referred to as "Superhead" in the industry, did you trademark the name?

    A: I gave myself that name years ago as a way to cause waves, raise eyebrows, and in turn, make more money during my video days. When I made the decision to leave that lifestyle behind, I tried to hide from the fact-that girl was me. Once I began the publicity to support the upcoming books, series and film, I knew that the issue would come up again...and the world would be able to read about it. Now, contrary to popular belief, I am not a dummy, so I trademarked the word. This keeps anyone from using it without my written consent, especially in a derogatory manner. Or better yet, from some other girl, who sucks a good dick to adopt the name and make money off the legend that I created with my blood, sweat and tears...and spit.

    Q: Married men vs. single men and what attracts you to a person and do you ever find yourself attracted to women?

    A: Whether married or single, a man is nothing more than a man. I have had relationships with both and I don't see a difference. The differences in men doesn't lie in status, but in who they are as a man, lover and friend. The greatest love of my life (a famous man) is married and I can't hold that against him. He is a wonderful man, an awesome lover and the best friend I ever had. I am attracted to people based on who they are, from the inside out. I can see the light inside of someone from the moment I lay eyes on them. I'm sure that everyone has this spark, but some people's light, I just can't see. Every once in a while, I meet someone and all I can see is this glow and I know that's the one. That I'm going to make him a part of my life in some way. I am in no way attracted to women, in that sense. There's nothing like the heaviness if a man as he lays on top of you and the feeling you get just before he plunges inside of you. The feeling of his muscles and the scruff of his face. No woman can duplicate that, and as far as eating pussy is concerned, I have a few good men that are better than any woman I have ever had. And yes, I have had women. That's how I know I don't like them. I don't like to knock anything until I've tried it.

    Q: Due to statements attributed to you and statements made about you, many people have come to the conclusion that you are a sexual freak? How would you respond to this accusation?

    A: When I am with the man I love, I am all things. I am his bitch, his whore, his freak, his lover,confidant and friend. I have rarely had anonymous sex and have, in fact, loved every man that I have been with, in some sense of the word. When a man opens his life to you, when he shares his hopes and dreams, his misfortunes and disappointments and even cries to you at night, you have no choice but to fuck the dog shit out of him! There is nothing sexier than-when a man trusts you with pieces of him that he would never share with the rest of his world. That shit turns me on and it's that love, passing through the air at that exact moment, that turns me into an animal...the beast that people hear about.

    Q: Famous men you find attractive?
    A: Denzel Washington, Bill Clinton, Nicholas Cage, Tom Cruise, Blair Underwood and Will Smith.

    Q: Biggest sexual fantasy?
    A: Being totally enveloped by a man who sees me and appreciates me for who I am. Our bodies clinging together as if we were born to each other. Him loving every part of my body, inside and out,and being so turned on by my every breath. Him giving me all of him...every last inch and making me cry with joy and pain, screaming, scratching and pulsating. Begging him to stop and silently wishing that he doesn't. He's loving me in an way that will continue way after the sex is over and as we lay side by side, his only words are...let's do it again. Yep, been there, done that, still doing it.

    Q: Most satisfying sexual experience?

    A: When a man is inside of me and as he looks at me from above, his eyes show me that he's with me. Not just inside me physically, but that he's inside of my head, inside of my heart and that's where he wants to be. When a man cries just a little and I know that he's alive with passion and emotion. That's the best sex and I have it all the time.

    Q: Your favorite male rapper?
    A: I am very happy to see the work that Kanye West is doing as well as the Roots and the Black Eyed Peas. My favorite artists right now are the ones who see the trap that we have fallen into as a society and that are sending messages through their music to at least try and rescue some of the young men and women who have been mislead.

    Q: Who are your female role models/idols in the industry?

    A: I don't have any. I don't look for anyone else for inspiration. Everything that I do has come from inside of me and I create the mold for myself, and then break it. The ideas and sequences that run through my head are unique and most people don't think as I do, therefore, how I could I use the avaerage person as a model of any sort. That's what creates repetition and a lost of artistic appeal. So although I don't consider ayone to be my role model, I do respect the authenticity and directness of Madonna. Not to mention her audacity and business sense.

    Q: How do you feel about menage a trois (three-way) sex?

    A: I've had a few in the past and I have no plans on doing it again. I'm not attracted to women, so the whole thing becomes an act of power for me. I have to dominate the situation and the other woman involved. I have to be able to dismiss her immediately afterwards and therefore letting her know that she has just been used by both of us. I'm not in any rush to be in that situation again and I'm sure that my obsession with power is a sickness and I shouldn't subject any more groupies to my tyrannical antics.

    Q: After appearing in "A Man Apart" with Vin Diesel, do you plan to pursue a film career or are you more comfortable working behind the scenes?

    A: I really enjoy writing, producing and the entire creative process. I don't have any plans to act in the future, I'll be busy with the books, film and a series for at least a year. I could never say never again though. My experiences on "A Man Apart" was amazing and I have always loved craft, and still study to this day. But right now, I am very focused on life behind the scenes.

    Q: Regarding sexual positions, do you prefer being on the bottom or the top? If you answer the top, is it because it's the power position?

    A: I don't have a preference. I enjoy who I'm with and when the attraction is high, you can find yourself in the most amazing positions. Bent over furniture, on kitchen and bathroom counters, on a hotel balcony overlooking the city, shower, toilet, floor, elevator, parking lot...shit, your position changes based on where your'e fucking!

    Q: Many attractive women complain about their lack of female friends, a famous black supermodel once said, due to her looks and ability to attract men, women were always envious and resentful therefore she has never had any real female friends throughout her life and she is fine with it, how do you feel about this?

    A: I have some very sweet girls in my life and I love them all. Growing up, I was a tomboy and always dressed in boys clothes and hung out with boys, doing boy things. So I never wanted to have girlfriends. Now that I'm an adult, it's nice to have my girlfriends, but I still feel far removed from them. And it has nothing to do with looks or attracting men because all of that is relative and very objective. Some men may not find me attractive and may find my friends attractive. It's more to do with the way that I think and the difference in the experiences in my life. I have larger plans than most women my age and I have figured out the sequence of my goals for the next 5 years. I have different expectations out of life than the people around me, and to be honest, most of the women in my life don't meet the criteria. That doesn't mean that I don't love them and support them as a friend, it just means that we are ultimately very different and that causes space between us. To this day, my best friend is a man.

    Q: Several people in the industry have commented on your business savvy, how do you react to these comments?

    A: As far as my intelligence is concerned, I think that there is a major misconception about me, because I made 2 years of questionable decisions. Or just because I have had great sex with whomever I wanted, that means that I cannot be intelligent. Or because I suck a mean dick, that means I'm uneducated. The fact of the matter is-it takes a smart girl to suck a good dick. Every woman knows how important it is to please her man. How good it feels when you make his eyes roll back and his toes curl and crack. In my case, I love making a man grab his ankles in ecstasy and scream until tears roll out the corners of his eyes.. Popping blood vessels in a man's legs and causing major damage at the hottest hotel. Every woman strives to suck a good dick. Every woman should also strive to please her man in every other way. How to fuck the bullshit out of him, suck a mean dick, ride it like a champ, then get up, clean the house, feed the kids and bring in the money. It takes a smart girl to know how to keep her man at home. How to give it to him so good that he knows there's no one better. Shit, I got tired of being the best. Tired of keeping other people's husbands. Of them telling me about all the things their wives can't do or can't do well. Women as a whole need to step up their game, sexually, economically, spiritually and physically. I am a smart woman. Besides, playing dumb is always the best strategy. People will say and do anything around someone they underestimate.

    Q: Many people are under the impression that your upcoming book is a tell-all book and that it will focus on your life as a video girl in the hip-hop industry, is it a tell-all book and will it focus on your life?

    A: The upcoming book is being written by an international best selling author, to be announced at a later date. It will chronicle the first 25 years of my life, and a section of that does include my short and explosive stint in the hip-hop industry. But before the book gets to that point, it will touch on subjects such as child abuse, neglect, rape and the effects of media on my life. The images seen in film and music which changed my views of the world and made me want to escape my own private hell and run away to the land of plenty. The book is about looking for love and finally finding it within yourself. We'll also touch on spirituality and the importance of self worth and realization. This book is not a tell all. If I put all my cards on the table, then I'm out of the game. Never tell all, just give them enough and the story will tell itself. The story goes way beyond hip-hop. What people fail to realize is that hip-hop was a part of my life for only 2 years. There are people in sports, film, television, rock, off shore business, and even government that have graced my life and still do. Many of those I would never turn on, and there are some in hip-hop stars who can trust me, I will take their secrets to the grave... because they have been good to me. I do have a long shit list though, and those names will not be spared. It's all business, never personal. So no, this is not a tell all about other people's lives and indiscretions. It is about those who have touched my life in their unique ways and have somehow changed me. These men are all good men and I have loved them all. The industry can make you do some wicked things and become someone you were never meant to be. This book will not hide that, nor will it exploit the fact.


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    Default Re: Nyc's Hot 97's Interview With "superhead"--must Listen!!

    seriously....why all this hype about Supahead???
    fuck her book
    fuck her rumours
    she looks like some priced up hoe from Liberty City (ghetto in Miami)
    like we didnt know there was such a thing as groupies....damn!

    a.k.a. The Difference saying check out my 1st video

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    Default Re: Nyc's Hot 97's Interview With "superhead"--must Listen!!

    I Fucked That Woman At One Of My Shows In Front Of Every Body

    Pussy Ass Quotes
    Quote Originally Posted by gi0vanni
    create man you're always bitching at people. you need to take a chill pill. you jump on people every chance you get.

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    Default Re: Nyc's Hot 97's Interview With "superhead"--must Listen!!

    I heard lil kim sucked dick infront of her audience at a concert and let dude nut in her mouf.

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