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why are they (the ultimate fighter) promoting kimbo slice like he is a big deal, he sucks, watch he will lose his first fight on the show

thats y he is on the ultimate fighter and not in the ufc
to prove he can hang
spike is using it at a rating boost..white personally said he fucking sucks i wouldn't use him just to bring in ratings i want fighters..thats y he got to work his way up

forrst sucked what was that...most embarrassing ko in ufc
pen fight was ok
Kenny Florian is a bitch..dude kepped winning...oo he hit my eye with his figer...he hit the back of my head(4x) he said that one
bitch i hate him now

Johnny Hendricks vs. Amir Sadollah

was a bullshit fight...stopped way to early dude was getting up while being puched

and ref stopped it

only 2 things u can do stay on the ground protect or get up and fight back

what the fuck
dumb ref
thier should be a point system for the ref's the more point u got the more importent fights u can ref
less points unaird fights

and this ref should of lost points


more on forrest


he suffered no injury's at all