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Thread: The official MMA thread

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    yeah, my boy meyhem looked like shit. bitch ass bisping beat that ass.

    but miller has always had a very unorthodox ground game thats pretty effective. gassing after your first round is gonna get you beat every time, though. even though i agree with angry that there aren't many fights he could win at 185 in the ufc, i'd like to see him come back again.

    jones vs machida. im looking forward to this fight. may be the closest thing to a jones/anderson silva fight we may see.

    im going with jones. once these guys feel his elbows, they change. the kid hits HARD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by angry! View Post
    LOL @ that main event

    mayhem is a side show...

    always has been...

    his highlight is almost choking out jake shields..

    this is what happens when hes not fighting cans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    dude needs to thank god for mtv cuz i dont see many winnable fights for him at 185 in the ufc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that was some of the sorriest striking ive seen in a main event...

    as for bisping... that was weak... he had dude in full clinch and couldnt drop him with knees?!!?!?!!?!?

    bisping will get wrecked by just about any MW in the top 10... hes technical but he looked sloppy as fuck and hes got NO power...

    i wish leben didnt get suspended...

    cuz leben would destroy the bisping we saw last night!!!!!!!!!

    shit id like to see wand get another crack at KO ing mike
    i see vitor killing bisping.. any top level guy will hurt him...

    shit give mr. stann bisping... stann will put him to sleep....

    i hope dana feeds his british cash cow to the wolves...

    chael would pound him underground and anderson might kill him in the ring...

    time to enter the dragon... 140

    machida vs jones

    cant bet against jones at this point the kid trashes everyone and makes it look easy but lyoto is a force..

    mir vs nog

    head says mir heart says nog.. nog is a hard 35, he is broken from fighting and still out there..

    tito vs lil nog

    gotta say tito.. i think this will be a great fight, very similar styles..

    140 looks like a great card...
    haha a little harsh on mayhem, no matter how bad he looked the other night... the ufc needs guys like him because they don't really have a ranking system... him and leben would make great gatekeepers to measure any future up and comers...

    bisping is a good (without being great) well rounded fighter... he just isn't great at one particular thing... a lot of the other middleweights have an out and out strength, where he is just solid... i still think he would give a lot of the middleweights a run for their money... silva and stann would be very bad match ups for him though haha...

    hard to argue with your picks at 140... if jones wins again, he deserves a long rest...

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    Tito Ortiz looked like he was gonna break down in his post fight interview. You can tell he was really disappointed in his loss. His little win against Bader was cool, and he fought hard against Rashad and Nog, but he's a shell of what he used to be. I'm glad he's retiring after his next one because there's really no point anymore. It's a wrap.

    Nog vs. Mir was wild. I thought Nog had Mir finished, but Mir found a way to regain his composure and break the shit out of Nog's arm. I was bugging out to see Nog submitted because that's the last thing I would've ever predicted. I figured Mir was gonna win again, but not like that. Sick fight.

    Jon Jones is a fucking force. Machida actually had him looking human in the first round, I was worried about the kid for a little bit, but he came back out and handled his business. When he gets a hold of you he manhandles you. That choke was insane. Machida dropped like a pile of bricks. Ill.

    I want Rashad to get the belt back, but first he has to get through Phil Davis (which I think he will). But damn man, Jones is no joke. I'm worried about my boy Shad's safety. Jones can be touched on the chin though, so he has a chance.
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    ^^^ tito loss was brutal

    tito gets so much hate but hes a tough SOB and the definition of a prize fighter.. last few years record been rough but he goes in there ready to scrap

    lil nog fucking bombd on dudes internal organs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    some of the nastiest GnP ever... 140 was a real violent card...

    tito actually looked real crisp on his feet there for a second... surprised me...

    korean zombie is the man... he got heart...

    mir snapping nogs arm is probably the craziest submission of all time...

    and machida... DAMN...

    tap homie!!!!!!!!!!!

    machida was outstriking jones...

    soon as the clinch/ground was introduced... NIGHT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jones hit him with one elbow and it sliced him like a knife.. fight was over after that...

    jones has had every elite 205 fighter bloodied looking for a way out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    shogun rampage machida

    cant fuck with that...

    you need machidas striking, rampages chin/clinch game, and shoguns fearlessness to beat jones... good luck finding that fighter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    anderson silva

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    A UFC 143 heavyweight showdown between Roy Nelson and Fabricio Werdum is in tap for Super Bowl weekend, according to MMAWeekly.com sources.

    Nelson’s (16-6) UFC tenure was teetering on the brink following back-to-back losses to Junior dos Santos and Frank Mir, but he bounced back strong in his most recent fight. Nelson took the fight to Mirko “Cro Cop Filipovic at UFC 137, likely ending the Croatian’s career via a third-round TKO stoppage.

    The win over Cro Cop gave Nelson new life in the Octagon. The Ultimate Fighter Season 10 winner was under heavy scrutiny after the losses and receiving a heavy dose of criticism over his weight, but a victory always goes a long way towards silencing the critics.

    Werdum (14-5-1) was on a strong run in Strikeforce, capping a three-fight winning streak with a victory over Fedor Emelianenko. He was upended in his most recent bout, delivering a lackluster performance and losing a unanimous decision to Alistair Overeem in June.

    Werdum has been very vocal about wanting to return to the UFC, now getting his wish granted. He had a two-fight streak in his past UFC life halted by current UFC heavyweight champion Junior dos Santos.

    A battle for the interim UFC welterweight championship between Nick Diaz and Carlos Condit headlines UFC 143 on Feb. 4 at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas

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    i'll be surprise if lesnar wins

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    Brock shoulda never came back. It's obvious he's not what he was before the surgeries. Once he took a solid shot the body, he was unable to shoot. When Brock can't shoot, there aren't many heavyweights that couldn't beat him.

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    IAmJericho Chris Jericho
    So obvious the 1/2-02 mystery man is Brock Lesnar. That fight was a joke #ufcisfixed @speewee #memphis

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    and as i say in the post above lesnar lost

    he wants to retire

    he going to wrestle again IF possible

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    Yeah, even if he won the fight, he had said his next fight after that would have been his last

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    ^You think we deaf son? We heard what the fuck dumb ass Brock said after the match you moron. You want me and Fatal Guillotine to rob your chump ass son?

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    ^lmao calm down check the homie

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