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Thread: New RZA interview at Rapreviews.com

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    there's gonna be a part 2

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    Originally Posted by J-DON
    Dope interview... but...

    How could they not ask about Cuban Linx 2!?!

    it is only part 1 of 2 of the interview...

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    actually its interesting he mentions the return of Bob Digi cuz i was listenin to J-Love Presents the Return Of The Swarm and theres this track 'Breaks' that J-Love mentions "this joint is from Bobby Digital III....gotta get ready....its in the works"

    u know how RZA is.....he kills Bob Digi on Birth of A Prince & now hes bringin em back, obviously for the $$$$ vs. doing The Cure finally which on the 1st Bobby Digital album says The Cure is Coming Soon & 7 years later we dont even know whether its even gonna be an album or not

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    RZA will never do any gravedigga verses anymore, that was his lyrical peak. But the production on his BD albums are pretty good.

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    yo can someone copy and paste the interview, cos i dunno if its my computer, but the site just doesnt work at all

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    here you go mate...

    RZA Interview Pt. 1
    Adam Bernard

    RZA. Seriously, do I even need to write an intro for this? The man formed arguably the most legendary crew in the history of Hip-Hop and his impact is still being felt today through both his music in the traditional form and his scoring of movies. On September 8th The Protector, starring Tony Jaa, hits theaters in the US and with RZA doing the movie's score he sat down with us at RapReviews for an in-depth two part interview. This week, in part one, RZA talks about The Protector, the differences between scoring a movie and producing a record, and the possible return of Bobby Digital.
    Adam Bernard: Let's start with the business of the day, talk to me about "The Protector."
    RZA: "The Protector" is a fat-ass flick, a good flick. Tony Jaa is back. From his first movie, "Ong-Bak", I had a chance to work with him and kick it with him and hang with him. When the Weinstein Company had acquired "The Protector" and was going to release it in America I wanted to be involved in any capacity. Originally I was supposed to be in the film, the director invited me to Thailand to get into the film, but my schedule conflicted, so when they brought the movie to the America they knew I wanted to be involved and had a chance to re-score it and add my element to it.

    AB: If you had made it into the film what would your role have been?
    RZA: I don't know, I maybe would have been somebody that got beat up. Tony's beatin everybody's ass in that film so I probably would have been another guy he'd whip up.

    "If you see something good you want others to know about it as well.."

    AB: I remember for his last movie in America, "Ong-Bak", you did some of the voiceovers for the advertisements.
    RZA: Yeah, exactly. I helped. I'm a big fan of Tony Jaa so to bring awareness to him and let the people in America recognize his great martial arts talent is something that I appreciate doing. If you see something good you want others to know about it as well, you know what I mean?

    AB: Definitely. When did you first learn about him?
    RZA: I learned about Tony off of "Ong-Bak", that was two years ago, at least, maybe it's been four or five years now. It was an underground DVD that was traveling through the martial arts circuit but didn't really hit no mainstream shit. When they brought it to America I was already aware of it, one of my buddies had already put me on to it. When he brought it out there I thought it would be a good idea to get the world involved with this guy.

    AB: And after all that you got the opportunity to score this movie.
    RZA: And he's kickin even more ass. Even when "Ong-Bak" was out originally I was gonna rescore it, that was one of the original ideas, but we didn't have enough time so for "The Protector" we didn't really have enough time but we made it happen.

    AB: Is there ever really enough time?
    RZA: There are some cases, like when I was doing "Kill Bill" I started from the script.

    "Film has a lot of emotions to it and with that kind of approach it gives me more freedom to begin with."

    AB: What are some of the big differences for you when you go to score a film as opposed to when you're making a track for Wu? Is there a different mindset you go into? Is there different equipment you use?
    RZA: Yeah, definitely, both are different. The mindset I'm in (for films), there's more freedom. It starts off with more freedom and what I mean is it starts off with no boundaries or what kind of template I'm gonna use. I don't have to be stuck into any particular amount of bars or any particular repetition of sound because it doesn't have to loop. Film has a lot of emotions to it and with that kind of approach it gives me more freedom to begin with. Of course in the end we've got to satisfy the movie companies and the director and that kind of retracts some of that freedom back away from you. That's one different thing. As far as the equipment, when I'm scoring I basically use a lot of different keyboards because I'm looking for certain sounds, certain vibes, certain things and some of these sounds you may not hear in Hip-Hop and some of these sounds you may not hear in Hip-Hop. For this particular score I used mostly a keyboard called Korg Triton and used some older material, MV8000, which I use for Hip-Hop, as well, but I use it in a different capacity for the scoring. And not only am I using Pro Tools but I use Logic and other programs, as well. One machine may not have the right vibe for the scene and then you gotta try another machine or try a different sound that may not be available on SoundLink.

    AB: Obviously you enjoy doing the scoring, so what's your next project going to be?
    RZA: A project that I'm currently in the middle of is Afro-Samurai and that's with Sam Jackson playing the voice of Afro-Samurai. It's Japanese animation and they've collaborated with an American production company. It'll be shown on Spike TV, and there will also be a DVD and a video game. That's my next one. I love making music, whether I'm scoring, whether I'm making Hip-Hop, or whether I'm just making beats to play in my house and turn up loud. It's a part of my daily activity.

    AB: And you've got Sam Jackson so you could have some "Snakes on a Plane" at any point in time.
    RZA: Yeah, be careful, right! You gotta keep your feet off the ground.

    "We're actually are in negotiations right now for a potential new Bobby Digital album for second quarter of next year."

    AB: Yeah man. So when are we gonna see the return of Bobby Digital?
    RZA: It's interesting you would ask that. We're actually are in negotiations right now for a potential new Bobby Digital album for second quarter of next year. I'm talking about it, I'm not 100% into it because I've been venturing into a lot of worlds and I don't want to ping pong myself too much, but I got a little more Bobby left in me that I think I can share with the world.

    AB: There's gotta be a bo-doop left!
    RZA: There's gotta be another bo-doo-doop left in me, you know what I mean? Actually, you know what, I just came off a tour with Wu-Tang and that kind of gave me inspiration to maybe try it again because a lot of the fans were yelling Bobby and they were requesting some of the Bobby songs.

    AB: Did you get to drop a couple of 'em while you were on tour?
    RZA: I didn't drop none. The crowd wanted some. I did a verse or two maybe, but I didn't get a chance to really go into my own set because it was a Wu-Tang Clan set.

    AB: Yeah, you have enough songs there to take up a couple of hours.
    RZA: 400 songs I've produced for Wu-Tang Clan.

    "That felt kinda low, but I think it was definitely slept on by the critics and the magazines that informed the public.."

    AB: DAMN! With that in mind, do you think that "Iron Flag" and "The W" were slept on?
    RZA: Well "The W" was more commercially successful than "Iron Flag". I think "The W maybe did 1.9 in America, 1.2 in Europe and a little more scattered around the world. That's not bad numbers, but with "Iron Flag" we didn't even do a million in America. It was maybe 700,000 in America, another 600,000 foreign. That felt kinda low, but I think it was definitely slept on by the critics and the magazines that informed the public of it because I think that "Iron Flag" was a super album. It's tough for me. I think also the climate of Hip-Hop was changing, the political part of Hip-Hop really changed. Loud Records fell under in the middle of the campaign. There were no videos, there was no campaign on "Iron Flag". The record label put the record out in December and in January Loud fell under Sony. Sony took over Loud and Sony just fired everybody, so we got caught in that political game and then we never really returned back from that. Workin with Loud was a real comfortable opportunity for us. We didn't get along with a lot of industry people based on our aggressiveness and just the Hip-hop vibe that we walk with, sometimes people don't really want to tolerate that on a day to day basis and especially with so many guys in the group there's a lot of it to deal with, but with Loud we knew the staff, Steve Rifkind was a buddy of mine, we grew together.

    AB: And you got that unique contract.
    RZA: Yeah, but we had a relationship. If you don't have a relationship with your business partner, a good relationship, business won't ever be well. I think that's what happened. Once they got rid of Loud they got rid of Steve and there was nobody there that really could relate to us, we kind of fell back and things of that nature.

    AB: Could you see yourself linking up with Rifkind's new label, SRC?
    RZA: I don't know, but he's my buddy, anything he needs me for he can give me a call and he's got it, and I think vice versa for me. I needed some help a couple months ago in a situation where his help would help out, I gave him a call and he did the favor for me. We're still buddies.

    Come back next week and check out part two of this interview where RZA discusses Quincy Jones' unique influence on him, "The Protector"'s nearly four minute steady cam shot, and why he almost never came home after his first trip to China.

    Check out RZA at MySpace.com/rza and check out "The Protector" at TheProtectorMovie.com. Originally posted: August 29, 2006
    source: RapReviews.com
    Shaolin shadowboxin' and the wu-tang swordstyle...
    If what you say is true...
    The shaolin and the wu-tang could be dangerous!
    En garde, I'll let you try my wu-tang style...

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    Thanks for the link. I enjoyed the read. I wouldn't mind hearing another Bobby Digi album at all. No complaints on my end. Looking forward to part 2 of the interview.

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    u know how RZA is.....he kills Bob Digi on Birth of A Prince & now hes bringin em back, obviously for the $$$$ vs. doing The Cure finally which on the 1st Bobby Digital album says The Cure is Coming Soon & 7 years later we dont even know whether its even gonna be an album or not
    Bobby Digital is supposed to bring more $$$ ??? no way man, listen to in stereo, you can't say that shit is comercial.
    Im glad RZA didn't give a fuck of this poll, these dudes are too dumb to get the digi message lol.

    Bobby Digital

    Bobby Digital back on the set
    Watch girl's pussies get wet wet wet wet wet
    Drip drip drip drip, drop drop drop drop
    Hip-hop you just can't stop stop stop stop
    Watch my glock glock glock glock glock
    It goes pop pop pop pop pop
    My Glocko pop pop pop
    My Glockoes pop pop pop
    His rugged go pop pop pop pop
    You stomp the fuck off yo' block
    My Glockoes pop pop pop
    My Glocko pop pop pop (x4)
    You stomp the fuck off yo' block
    My Glocko pop pop pop

    Bob Digi-tech live in effect, you just didn't expect
    one man to come along and bring a new song
    and break your barrier down, you can't carry the sound
    Buckwild juvenile from Shaolin Island, what? What?
    Who wants to get violent? Remain silent

    My Glocko pop pop pop
    My Glocko pop pop pop
    His Glocko pop pop pop
    His Glocko pop pop pop
    My son go pop pop pop
    My gun go pop pop pop
    His Glocko pop pop pop
    One love, go pop pop pop
    His love go pop pop pop


    Let's get it on ock, and watch the spot get blown
    I be the sick lunatic with the devilish poem
    From the mists of the darkness I come with this
    Hittin straight, to the chest, like a primatene mist
    Ryzarector, yah, the fanatical type
    I'm like a bat, in the night, when it's time to take flight
    Here I am, in the flesh, and yes I love sess
    I'm obsessed, by the sounds, the track posess
    Intellectual, killer, special majestical
    Ropin up the devils have em hangin from my t*******s
    Nowhere to run to ba-bay
    There's nowhere to hide

    Here comes the drastic...[protect ya neck intro]
    Just like... a tactic, attack it, attackin, attackin
    I'm wrappin you bas**** now prepare your casket
    Death is the final step, when y'all step
    To intercept, the rep, of a brother, who has kept
    His status, stop the madness, that is
    I flow just to show that, black, y'all can know that
    Me, being wack is like naps on kojak
    Eruptions of volcanoes, o-ccur when I speak
    Try to twist my dialect and get caught by tornadoes
    There's nowhere to run to ba-bay
    There's nowhere to hide
    There's nowhere to run to ba-bay
    You best to stay inside
    man that's some classic shit right here !

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    Drop that last Bobby Digital album w/ the movie and be done with it.

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    hell yea...I love me some BOBBY D.

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    Yeah i'm just SURE another Bob Digi album is coming. I take RZA's words with a grain of salt nowadays.

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    so a new bob digi album means he was smoking pcp while making it... good grief.

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    Dope, thanks for that.

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    Bobby Bobby Bobby, Digi Digi Digi!!!!

    I cant wait til the next Bobby Digital album. In Stereo is classic.

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